Why Kristen Bell Once Faked Having 214 Tattoos
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  • The viral photos of Kristen Bell’s tattoos were actually from a Funny or Die video skit.
  • Kristen Bell has no real tattoos on her body, but she showcased 214 fake tattoos in the video.
  • Kristen Bell has considered getting a real tattoo in the future.

Photos of Kristen Bell covered from head to toe in tattoos went viral, with many people not realizing the images were actually from a Funny Or Die YouTube video. In the behind-the-scenes style skit, Kristen brags about her tattoos to an interviewer, which she has to hide under tons of makeup before filming.

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The Good Place star then shows off her over 200 tattoos, including a ‘666’ tattoo and a Chinese tattoo she thinks means princess, but actually translates to ‘prostitute.’ Despite originating in a Funny Or Die video, many people still wondered if Kristen Bell’s tattoos were real or fake. Bell has been photographed for years since her breakout role in Veronica Mars, and fans have never seen any of Kristen Bell’s tattoos shown off in the viral clip before, but many still believe the star has ink on her body.

The Story Behind Kristen Bell’s Tattoos

Via: Funny or Die/ YouTube

Funny Or Die re-released their 2012 video of Kristen Bell’s tattoos skit as a shortened version for TikTok, which quickly made its rounds on social media. Not realizing where the video originated, many fans thought Kristen Bell’s body was actually covered in several colorful tattoos. However, all of Kristen Bell’s tattoos were faked for the comedy sketch. In the Funny Or Die clip, the Frozen star talks about a secret only a few people know about her, saying, “I have accrued a lot of ink over the years.” Her stylist then goes on to narrate how they spend hours covering Kristen Bell’s tattoos with makeup.

“I have 214 professional tattoos, nine I have done myself. Each piece of art represents something different.” The actress goes on to explain the drawings on her body, among which are a photo of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka, Looney Tunes’ Taz, Steve Urkel on her left shoulder blade and Stefan Urquelle on her right, which ‘represents the duality of man.’ Seventy-two of her tattoos are butterflies for each year Apartheid in South Africa was enacted.

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The funniest tattoo Kristen Bell showcases in the clip is one on her throat that she describes as a joke written, ‘Insert gear.’ The clip is from an old Funny or Die video from 2012. The segment ends with Bell being questioned by a reporter, “What is the longest you’ve been in makeup for a film?” The actress responds, “Fifteen hours, but that’s because while they were covering me up, I was getting fresh ink.”

Do Kristen Bell’s Tattoos Exist?

Kristen Bell looking annoyed
Via: Deposit Photos

Kristen Bell actually has no tattoos on her body. The tattoos she shows off in the viral video were all fake and only for the comedy bit. Bell has never received any tattoos on her body, but she has considered getting one in the future. In the three-minute original Funny Or Die clip, Kristen Bell’s makeup artist, who is also an actor, says, “Kristen gets here at 3:30 am every morning. It takes about twelve to fourteen hours to cover up all of her tattoos.”

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In the original YouTube video titled “Kristen Bell ‘Body of Lies’, released in 2012, it was clearly a joke that everyone knew about at the time. However, in recent years, those who have never heard of the comedy channel come across the clip and think it is real. The comment section of the original video, features fans applauding Kristen Bell for her acting, since she kept a straight face while discussing her 214 tattoos.

One fan wrote, “She is such an amazing actress that people actually believe this was real.” While another said, “This was so real, I believed it and told people about her having tattoos. I’m actually blown away right now…this is a fake video to make people laugh.”

Dax Shepard May Be The Reason Kristen Bell Doesn’t Have Any Tattoos

 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard at the Launch of Hello Bello Brand
Via: Instar

Kristen Bell is in no hurry to get any ink on her body, and her husband, Dax Shepard’s preferences might have something to do with it. In 2016, while promoting her film with Melissa McCarthy, The Boss, Kristen Bell was asked if she had any tattoos on her body. Bell spoke about her desire for tattoos while doing a WIRED ‘The Web’s Most Searched Questions’ interview on YouTube, “I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband doesn’t like girls with tattoos. He thinks it would intimidate him because, as you know, he has a lot of tattoos.”

Kristen has been married to Dax Shepard since October 2013, and they have two kids together, Lincoln and Delta. Dax has several tattoos, especially on his right arm, including some dedicated to his family.

While on the Harry show with Harry Connick Jr. Bell detailed a tattoo tribute Dax Shepard got for his family. “He came home with a bell tattooed on his ring finger with my initials, our first daughter’s initials and our second daughter wasn’t born yet, so we put a D, so we were a little cornered, so we named her Delta. He put all three of our initials on a bell. I think that’s cute.”

Despite what her husband thinks, Kristen Bell is slowly warming up to the idea of getting a tattoo. In a 2020 interview on the “Motherly” podcast, Kristen revealed she had always had motherly instincts her whole life, even before she knew what it meant.

“At one point, I’m going to get a back tattoo that says there’s no such thing as other people’s children because they’re just not. I mean, I believe to my core, because everyone you pass on the street was celebrated when they were born.” The actress isn’t thinking of getting 214 tattoos like in the YouTube clip, but she is considering at least getting one real tattoo.

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