Overwatch 2 Invite To Group Not Working, Why Overwatch 2 Players Cant Join Friends?

Overwatch 2 Invite To Group Not Working

Gamers of Overwatch 2 complain that when they try to play with their friends by choosing the “join group” option, it doesn’t work and they are thrown to the main menu.

The problem seems to be when a PS5 player tries to play with another on PS4 or vice-versa. However, we have found some workarounds that can help you fix this glitch. Scroll down to know how to fix Overwatch 2 Invite To Group Not Working.

Why Overwatch 2 Players Can’t Join Friends?

If you cannot invite friends because of the different version errors, some troubleshooting tips can help you. But if that was not the error you are facing, these are the possible reasons.

If you are searching how to fix this issue, scroll down to know how it is done.

Why Is Overwatch 2 Invite To Group Not Working?

Whenever the servers were overloaded, players could have many problems related to long queue times, logging in, friends list not appearing, disconnection errors, and many more. Many players play the game and you can wait until the servers are more stable. You can join games during non-peak hours or change your server region to see if you can get in.

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Invite To Group Not Working?

If it’s a bug, the fix that has worked for many players is to restart the game. Just close the Battle.net client on your PC and relaunch it. Then, open the social tab and check if you can invite friends now.

If this doesn’t work, then check your internet connection. Make sure it is stable.

Make sure that you and your friends are on the game’s latest patch. This is because they give hot fixes for bugs and glitches.

Overwatch 2 Players Can’t Join Friends Fix

One workaround that has worked was to find the friend from your ‘Recent Players’ tab under Social. Highlight their name from there and then right-click to invite them to the group. This usually works if you cannot add friends through the + button.

These were the possible fixes for the error where players are unable to invite friends in Overwatch 2. You can send a bug report to Blizzard from this page if you face more bugs in your gaming sessions.

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