Grayson Chrisley 'beat up' after 'totalling' truck in 'bad' crash, sister says

During an episode of Unlocked Podcast, Savannah Chrisley gave an update on her brother Grayson’s accident which left him pretty ‘beat up’. Thankfully, he’s doing fine now.

The episode featured Savanah and Grayson’s mother, Julie, ahead of her starting time in jail. The episode was uploaded after Todd and Julie’s sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion.

On November 21, reports confirmed Grayson Chrisley suffered a car accident driving his Ford F-150. The teenager collided with a stopped vehicle in Tennessee and was unable to recall what occurred.

The Chrisley Knows Best family recalled the ‘horrific’ accident during an episode of Unlocked Podcast. Savannah also gave an update on how her brother is doing amid his recovery.

Grayson Chrisley left pretty ‘beat up’ after the unfortunate accident

On November 29, Savannah shared the news during an episode of her podcast ‘Unlocked‘. She reassured her listeners of his well-being but said he was left pretty ‘beat up’.

“It could’ve been worse, so thank the good Lord above,” the 25-year-old said sharing the incident with her listeners.

Although Julie and Savannah were quite shaken after hearing Grayson’s phone call about the crash, they were relieved to learn he was okay.

Driving a Ford F-150 left his truck was completely ‘totaled’ with all airbags ‘deployed’.

“It was bad,” Savannah said. “When I showed up and saw it, literally my heart sank”.

At the time of the incident, Grayson was rushed to a hospital in Nashville to be checked over for head injuries.

During the podcast episode, the Sassy Cosmetics founder confessed her little brother was upset. At the time, the family was in the spotlight “with all the legal stuff that was going on”.

She quoted him saying: “This is the last thing everyone needed.”

Grayson was worried about a Polaroid of his dad

Disappointed and scared after the accident, his parents Todd and Julie reassured him he didn’t have to worry since the most important thing was he was “alive and safe”.

“Dad was like, ‘Grayson, you’re alive,” he said, quoting Todd. “You’re safe. Who cares. It’s a car. That’s what insurance is for. You’re alive and you’re safe and you’re well.”

“All that Grayson was worried about was a photo. He has a Polaroid picture of dad on his dashboard,” Savannah said.

Grayson and his father have a very close relationship, and the teenager became worried about losing a significant image after the accident. Savannah even said he joked around asking her to go back to the car to retrieve the Polaroid.

Speaking on the podcast, Todd and Savannah even played a prank on the teenager, saying he had “tested positive for alcohol” at the time of the accident. But later found out there were cameras, and it wasn’t true.

What happened to parents Todd and Julie?

Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and defrauding the United States.

However, the couple, who were first charged in August 2019, and denied any wrongdoing throughout their trial.

Earlier this week, Todd and Julie were found guilty of a total of 12 counts. Todd Chrisley was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax evasion. In addition to the same federal charges as Todd, Julie Chrisley was also convicted of wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

Todd will serve a total of 12 years in prison and 16 months of probation after his release. Julie will have a shorter sentence of seven years in prison, but also a total of 16 months of probation.


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