Janno Gibbs Scandal

Janno Gibbs scandal has surfaced all over the media outlet as he has been suspected of being in the viral video in 2018. Even though he has denied being in the clip, many people have spread rumors about the same.

Gibbs is a singer-songwriter, Actor, and comedian in the Philippines who has been dedicated to the sector since 1986.

He is widely known across the globe, so when baseless media widely spread the rumor, it got acknowledged throughout.

Since many people have seen his appearances on-screen for a long time, so many are interested in his whereabouts.

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Janno Gibbs Scandal: What Did He Do?

Janno Gibbs is said to have been involved in a scandal after many people claimed he was involved in a viral video in 2018. However, Janno has denied that the man suspected to be in the video is not him.

Janno Gibbs responds to netizen asking him about his alleged video scandal
Janno Gibbs responds to netizen asking him about his alleged video scandal [Source: KAMI]

In the same clip, he can be allegedly seen to be showing a private part. Due to such a nude image, his viewers were shocked to see how one of the reputable personalities was involved in such a video.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz for his vlog on YouTube on September 25, 2022, he was asked what bashers pitch at him, as the singer-comedian likes to answer them.

Gibbs reacted, “One of the things that are challenging for me to respond, and that’s what I block and answer strongly, that’s what I’m going to answer.” 

He expressed that some people even comment on his children’s posts about the matter, which makes it shameful for the action he has not even done.

Janno Gibbs Arrest And Charge

As Janno Gibbs has denied the claims about the leakage of the private video, it does not seem that he has been arrested or charged legally. 

However, there has not been any kind of claims from investigating authorities that he was in detention for the case. There are many similar faces in this world, so the unclear video must have resembled the person as him.

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Singer-actor Janno Gibbs admitted that he is not a perfect husband and father but this does not he is not trying to be one.
Janno Gibbs, a singer-actor, admitted that he is not a perfect husband and father, but that he is striving to be one. [Source: Phil News]

Who Is Janno Gibbs Married To? Explore His Wife And Children

Janno Gibbs has been married to his wife, Bing Loyzaga, since 1990. She is also a professional Actress and singer from Filipina. It has been more than three decades of their togetherness.

From their association, they are the parents of two daughters named Alyssa and Gabby. He keeps sharing the family moments with them. Moreover, one can search for him on Instagram with thousands of fans.

The duo’s daughters are well-grown, and when their superstar parents post their photos, the online media gets flooded with appreciation comments.

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