Lily-Rose Depp needs no plastic surgery with help of model mom's beauty tips
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Lily-Rose Depp takes cues from model mom Vanessa Paradis to steer clear of the plastic surgery realm and enhance her natural beauty.

As the offspring of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French musician Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp was born to be both a beauty and a performer. The 24-year-old is certainly establishing herself as one to watch, appearing in HBO‘s The Idol this summer. Created by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson and The Weeknd, The Idol follows pop star Jocelyn (Depp), as she navigates LA’s sleazy music scene.

When Euphoria premiered, viewers took inspiration from the show’s fashion styling and glittery makeup looks. No doubt this will be replicated with The Idol, with “It girl” Lily-Rose at its heart.

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Lily-Rose Depp follows mom’s makeup tip to ‘pop’ her lips

Getting ready for the Chanel Metiers d’Art show in New York City over four years ago, Lily-Rose showed Vogue viewers how she achieves her signature “pout.”

“I always do my own lipstick. It’s always been my thing,” Lily-Rose says in the video. “I think because I always grew up watching my mom do her own lipstick. Everybody has that one thing that only they feel like they can do right. A certain feature that they feel like they only know the correct shape. For me, that’s always been my lips.”

“A little darker pencil on the outer to really pop that pout out,” Lily-Rose says laughing while applying her makeup.

In 2021, the actress shared some of her makeup tips with French Vogue. Lily-Rose reveals that she wears a blush closer to her nose to create a more natural and rosy glow and lists “a good face cream, lip balm, brow pencil, lip pencil, and a pretty blush” as her essentials.

Vanessa Paradis steers clear of the plastic surgery route

French model and singer Vanessa Paradis has been vocal about her thoughts on getting cosmetic work. The gap in her teeth became Vanessa’s signature, as she’d always smile to the camera to flaunt the unusual feature. Vanessa made waves as one of the first majorly successful models with gapped teeth when she was named the face of Chanel.

Vanessa has been equally vocal about her desire to steer clear of plastic surgery as she grows older. “You can pull what you’re gonna pull, but it’s always going to be there – the age and lack of limberness,” the actress said over a decade ago. “It’s not about that. It depends what you’ve achieved in your life and where you are at your life.”

Vanessa also added that she was feeling “so much better, then aged 38, than she did at 20.

The Idol critics resort to baseless plastic surgery rumors to discredit Lily-Rose

The internet can be a cruel place. This is well-known to celebrities and the general public alike. But with four billion social media users around the world, you’re never going to be everyone’s favorite. For Lily-Rose Depp, who has previously been slammed with “nepo baby” criticisms, she is facing a new wave in light of The Idol. Participating in a show which has been slammed with controversies has prompted some critical voices to take aim at the young actress. One way they are doing so, as is the way with bullies, is by taking aim at Lily-Rose’s physical appearance.

Evidently a beauty, some cruel netizens are sparking baseless rumors that Lily-Rose Depp has had plastic surgery.

This idea has been shut down by members of the public, who generally agree that Lily-Rose hasn’t undergone the knife. Having grown up in the public eye, it’s clear to see that Lily-Rose hasn’t had cosmetic work done to augment her natural features. But that doesn’t stop some vocal critics from speculating.

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