John Madden

The news of John Madden, a former football player and coach, death came one year ago. Was John Madden Murdered? 

John Madden was the Oakland Raider’s head coach from 1969 to 1978, where he won almost 100 games while coaching.

After retiring from his coaching career, he served as a color commentator for NFL telecasts till 2008.

Not only in sports, but he was also featured in several movies for short roles, and everyone loved his personality and performance.

But the news about his death has been going on the internet lately; what was the reason behind his death? 

Read furthermore; this article will help you know more about the NFL head coach, John Madden.

Was John Madden Murdered?

No, John Madden was not murdered; the news about his passing came out suddenly, so people were not expecting a natural death.

He died unexpectedly at 83; although it was natural, people did not believe it as the football community lost one of their legends.

There was no mentioned reason behind his death a year ago; every one of them started passing condolence to their family.

John Madden Dead: NFL Legend Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at Age 85
John Madden Dead: NFL Legend Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at Age 85. (Image Source: US Magazine)

It was hard to believe the news and how suddenly it came out, so people started making a rumor about the murder.

As the reason behind Madden’s death has not been disclosed yet, some of his followers still believe it was murder.

We cannot confirm the news as no one has talked about the murder so you can share your opinion via comments. 

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Who Killed John Madden? Death Cause Explored

Madden had a catchy personality; everyone loved his bubbly nature. Some of his followers and people who learned about his death think it was not natural.

Everyone loved him as he used to have a friendly nature, he was a sportscasting people also loved him there.

As per his family, he was not killed by anyone, but they have not shared any cause of death. 

Therefore, the question about his death cause of Madden has remained at the top after one year of his death.

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Everyone has been passing their own opinion about death, but the truth has not come out yet.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell officially shared the news about his demise, shared tributes on behalf of the NFL family, and also shared his condolences for John Madden’s family and friends.

Along with Roger Goodell, many other members and viewers started passing condolence to his family.

 John Madden
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell officially shared the news about John Madden’s demise. (Image Source: WRIC)

Although everyone was still in shock to believe the information about how suddenly the news was shared.

Madden seemed fine the other day when the news about his came on Tuesday, December 28, 2021; everyone was not trying to believe the information.

Therefore, they thought someone killed him, but no one killed him; still, the cause is out to come.

Hopefully, the cause will soon be shared in public, as many questions have been raised day by day by his concerned fans.

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