All Facts about David Morse Family: Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents

All Facts about David Morse’s Family

David Morse, one of the most prominent actors, was born in Massachusetts, USA. He is a great screen director and writer.  He started his acting path at the Boston Repertory Theatre.

David is famous for filming in 12 Monkeys, The Negotiator, The Green Mile, John Adams, and Outsiders. His first cameo role was in the drama series St. Elsewhere. He repeatedly practices theatre plays as well.

Date of birth: October 11, 1953

Zodiac sign: Libra

David is an Emmy-winning actor. He was nominated for best performance male actor in 2013 and outstanding support actor in 2008. He also received Independent Spirit and Screen actors guild awards. David’s net worth is $3 Million.

For all his fans who appreciate his acting, we gathered some facts about his family ties. 

David Morse parents

Charles M. Morse (father)

David Morse family

Date of birth: 1925 (the exact date is unknown)

Charles was born in Danvers and he was doing business in sales. He had enough earnings to provide for his family. He and his wife, Jacqueline raised four children, but later on, they got divorced. 

David doesn’t reveal additional details about his father and his whereabouts.

Jacqueline Ruth VanBlarcom Fellows (mother)

David Morse family

Jacqueline with daughter Diane

Date of birth: April 16, 1929

Date of death: December 25, 2020 (aged 91)

Jacqueline was born in Massachusetts in the family of Kendall and Ruth VanBlarcom with three brothers. She graduated from University at Amherst, where she got her bachelor’s degree in arts. 

Right after graduation, in June 1951, she married Charles. They gave birth to four children: one boy and three girls. Nevertheless, she never gave up on educating herself. She got a Master’s degree in English and started working as a teacher.  She divorced Charles in 1974. The reason isn’t mentioned in the media. In 1977 she married Richard Fellows.

She also was a person of great belief in God and was attending church all her free days. She often served as a hospice volunteer and ran a gift shop. But after an accident in 2020, she had serious health problems.

David Morse siblings

Betsy Down (nee Morse) (younger sister)

David Morse family

She lives in West Gloucester, MA, US and is married to Steve Down. She studied Business at Emmanuel College and works as comptroller at CasesCases.

Diane E. Fleming (nee Morse) (younger sister)

David Morse family

She works as kitchen designer at Norfolk Kitchen and Bath and is an owner operator at Reflective Redesign and Staging.

Patti Morse (younger sister)

She is another younger sister but we could not find any info. Maybe her name is spelled differently.

David Morse wife

Susan Wheeler Duff (wife)

David Morse family

Date of birth: May 11, 1958

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Marriage duration: June 19, 1982 – present

Susan, a successful actress, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her first debut was in the movie Shattered Vows. She is famous for her acting in The Twilight Zone, Miracles, Mr. President, and Murphy Brown. Besides acting, Susan is a writer of two books and articles.

After she got married to David, they gave birth to three children. The couple isn’t active in sharing family events and photos. 

Her net worth is $2 Million.

David Morse children

Eliza Morse (daughter)

David Morse family

Date of birth: unknown

Eliza is the firstborn child in the Morse family. She is engaged in photography and took part in the camera shooting of Left Behind (2014), Palmer (2021), and the Staircase (2022). Though born into a star family, she was not noticed in entertainment gatherings.

Eliza has an Instagram account that is closed to the public.

Benjamin Morse (son)

David Morse family

Date of birth: unknown

Benjamin’s photo was released at the age of his school years. He is lives in Seattle and is working for this electric-bike company called Rad Power Bikes.

Samuel Morse (son)

David Morse family

Date of birth: unknown

Sam and Benjamin are twins, but their birth date was never announced to the media. He lives in Atlanta and is doing music and working on films.