Allison Micheletti Age Wikipedia – Meet Mike Modano Wife And Caddie
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Who Is Mike Modano Wife Allison Micheletti? Know Her Age & Wikipedia

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Allison Micheletti at age of 33 shares a blissful married life with Mike Modano. See if Allison is on Wikipedia.

Allison is a professional golfer. Besides, she has also played herself on the reality show Big Break Atlantis.

Allison Micheletti Age – How Old Is She?

Allison Micheletti’s age is 33 years old.

Micheletti was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Besides, she currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

On the other hand, Allison has her birthday celebrations on September 10 each year. Actually, she was born a year ago when her partner Mike was selected in NHL Draft.

Interestingly, Micheletti was born to her parents Joe Micheletti and his wife. In fact, her father is a professional hockey player. 

Joe played 142 games in WHA as a defenseman. The 66-year-old retired from his playing career in 1982. Meanwhile, he serves as an analyst and reporter of ice hockey.

Likewise, Allison is the niece of former NHL player Pat Micheletti. He athletic family inspired her to pursue a career in professional sports at a young age.

Is Allison Micheletti on Wikipedia?

Allison Micheletti is not on Wikipedia yet.

Micheletti has her name mentioned on the Wikipedia page of her husband Mike. But she is yet to have a bio of herself there.

Allison is a professional golf player. She was introduced to golf when she reached 17 years old. It came after she could not play other sports following her ACL injury.

Micheletti used to play basketball and soccer before that. Later, she fell in love with golf and worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of being a successful athlete.

In fact, Allison turned professional in 2011. She had an average success on the Cactus Tour and Women’s Canadian Tour

Besides, Micheletti has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Allison Micheletti – Mike Modano Wife and Caddie

Allison Micheletti is Mike Modano’s wife.

The two married on September 1, 2013. Also, they had their honeymoon trip to the Caribbean island.

Likewise, Allison and Mike share four kids together. They include twins, a daughter, and a son.

Besides, the former ice hockey center Mike was previously married to Willa Ford. He split with the singer in August 2012.

Allison’s Net Worth – Find Her On Instagram

Allison’s net worth is a mystery for now.

Actually, Micheletti shares a net worth of over $50 million with her life partner Modano.

Allison is on Instagram as @allisonmodano. She amasses over 1.7k followers on the platform.

Source: Celebpie

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