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Who Is Dr Alex George New Girlfriend Ellie Hecht? Meet Her On Instagram

Ellie Hecht is Dr. Alex George’s girlfriend whom he revealed on his Instagram. Get to know Hecht’s age and height details.

Ellie serves as a barrister’s clerk in London. She is gaining attention for dating the former Love Island star Alex George.

Ellie Hecht Dr. Alex George Girlfriend

Ellie Hecht is Dr. Alex George’s girlfriend.

Hecht and George appeared together in a recent Instagram post of the former Love Island star. In no time, the couple really heated the social media.

Alex made a romantic trip with his girlfriend to Cornwall in their vacation recently. The two shared a photo standing together at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm.

In fact, George dated his previous girlfriend Amelia Bath for a long time. Bath was a professional dancer. However, the two separated in the July of 2020.

Not to mention, Dr. Alex is a well-known Welsh TV personality and a physician. Besides, she is the UK Youth Mental health Ambassador for the Department for Education of the UK government.

George got all the attention in the world as he appeared on Love Island in 2018. He was a cast in the fourth series of the reality dating show on ITV2.

Ellie Hecht Age and Height: How Old Tall is She?

Ellie Hecht’s age is over 25 years old.

However, Hecht’s age is a guess based on her personality. Alex’s romantic partner has not revealed her exact birth details yet.

Besides, Ellie’s boyfriend has an age of 30 years old. Alex was born in Carmarthen, Wales. But it is not clear whether his girlfriend Ellie was born.

Ellie Hecht’s height detail is a mystery for now.

Hecht looks quite shorter than her boyfriend Alex in their photo together. She reaches his neck in terms of height.

Meet Ellie Hecht on Instagram

Ellie Hecht is on Instagram as @elliehecht.

Hecht has got over 1.4k followers on Instagram. Also, her first Instagram post dates back to January 2021.

Who is Ellie? Her Net Worth

Ellie is a Barristers Clerk.

Hecht currently serves at 4 Stones Buildings in London, UK. She has been there since September 2017 as per her LinkedIn profile.

Ellie’s net worth has not surfaced as of now.

Source: Celebpie

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