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Pedro Bravo Wikipedia Age And Parents – Where Is Christian Aguilar Murderer Now?

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Pedro Bravo lacks a Wikipedia bio. Bravo is now serving life in prison at age of 27. Know his parents and case update.

Pedro is a former Florida college student. He was found guilty of killing his schoolmate Christian Aguilar in 2012.

Pedro Bravo Wikipedia

Pedro Bravo is not on Wikipedia yet.

Bravo is a convicted murderer. He was charged with first-degree murder and the other six counts in August 2014. His charges were associated with the murder of his friend Christian Aguilar.

Christian was a student at the University of Florida where Bravo was studying in 2012. Aguilar was the boyfriend of Pedro’s former girlfriend Erika. The three were friends from their high school.

On the other hand, Pedro was not a fan of Erika’s relationship with Christian. Actually, Bravo’s cellmate mentioned the relationship between Christian and Erika was his motive to kill Christian.

Pedro is gaining attention due to Investigation Discovery‘s new documentary. Signs of A Psychopath: Diary of a Psychopath focuses on the murder case of Christian.

Pedro Bravo Age and Parents: How Old Is He?

Pedro Bravo’s age is 27 years old as of now.

Bravo was 18 years of age when he committed the murder. Similarly, Christian was also 18 years old when he died.

Besides, we could not have our hands on the exact birth details of Pedro. There is not much information about his childhood and family background.

Pedro was born to his parents Azucena Duque and Pedro Bravo.

Bravo’s parents were present during the trial of their son. However, we could not have our hands on the details of their profession.

Pedro attended Doral Academy Preparatory School in Florida. In fact, Christian and Erika were also graduates of the same school. 

Bravo dated his girlfriend Erika in his high school days. The two separated after high school without much approval from Pedro.

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Where Is Christian Aguilar Murderer Now?

Christian Aguilar’s murderer Pedro is in Tayor Correctional Institute now.

Bravo is today serving life in prison in Perry, Florida. As per his case update, he is deprived of the possibility of parole.

On the other hand, Pedro has always insisted he is innocent in the incident. However, Bravo is facing seven charges.

It is not clear whether Pedro has been covered by Dateline yet.

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