1000-Lb. Sisters' Tammy Slaton Returns Home From Rehab in Preview
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Viewers of 1000-Lb. Sisters will finally get to see the moment Tammy Slaton returned home after spending 14 months in an Ohio weight loss rehab facility on the upcoming season 5 premiere, thanks to a new sneak preview clip.

Tammy, 36, is seen sitting in the back seat while brother Chris Combs is behind the wheel with wife Brittany ​Combs riding shotgun as they head back to be reunited with other family members in Kentucky, as seen in the preview clip shared by E! News on Thursday, December 7.

“Tammy, you’re seeing the world from a new window. You can see the ground instead of the sky,” Chris, 43, tells her, referring to the weight she lost. When Tammy commented that she didn’t remember a pond they drove past, Chris jokingly told his sibling, “That’s cause you couldn’t see the ground bitch, I just told you that!”

“Girl, look at you!” sisters Amy, 37, and Misty ​Slaton cheer as the minivan pulls up. Misty in particular immediately noticed Tammy’s progress, saying in a confessional, “Tammy’s actually sitting in the seat instead of on the floor,” adding, “I knew she should be getting down close to that size, but it didn’t really register that she’d be sitting in the seat. That is awesome.”

Sister Amanda Halterman is equally impressed, telling producers, “Tammy looks amazing. She’s like, you know, got skin flopping everywhere. And I’ve never been so excited to see so much loose skin in my life.”

When sitting down to do their first confessional together, Amy remarked, “Welcome home girl, it’s been a minute,” while Tammy joked about how her pants were falling down.

“Doesn’t it feel good to be back on this big, beautiful couch?” Amy asked, recalling, “Two years ago I was literally on top of her because we were so big,” as a flashback appeared of the ladies before their respective weight losses squeezed together on the sofa.

Tammy is next seen with her walker trying to make her way into the home via a large metal ramp. “I’m really worried about Tammy going up the ramp cause she had so much fear of doing it in the past. But that’s the only way I see her getting in and out of the house,” Chris explained in a confessional.

Amy was so proud of how her sister making quick work of walking on her own up the ramp. “Damn bitch, the way you shot up there looked like you were gonna tackle somebody,” she told Tammy, who fired back, “Well get the hell out of my way bitches, I could be.”

“Everybody gave a sigh of relief, like, ‘She’s finally home,” Tammy continued about her release from rehab while Amy sassed back, “Damn, what took you so long?” Her younger sibling responded with a friendly, “F—k you.”

Fans have followed Tammy’s incredible weight loss progress ever since she left rehab thanks to social media. She’s now able to walk on her own without assistance, no longer needs to use supplemental oxygen and flaunted her more than 400-pound total weight loss on ​December 7 by wearing a leather jacket and fitted Nike track pants. Tammy is even wearing denim jeans again! Now viewers will get to go behind her life’s journey over the past year.

1000-Lb. Sisters‘ season 5 premiere airs on December 12 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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