'1000-lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Wedding Photos: Pictures

1000 Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is officially a married woman! 

After meeting her now-husband, Caleb Willingham, at an Ohio-based weight loss center, the pair got engaged in October 2022 and got married soon after in November. 

“You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” she told People on November 20, 2022. “I’m married now!”

Their paths almost didn’t cross as the YouTube personality was originally set to leave the rehab facility earlier; however, due to a serious trach infection, her stay was extended against her wishes. 

Despite the roadblock, it was during that time she got to know Caleb. Also a patient in the same rehab facility, Caleb had been at the facility for nearly a year. However, Tammy explained during the March 7 episode that he was just “starting to come out of his room ‘cause he had health issues.” 

Caleb later admitted that his best friend’s wife found Tammy on social media and it was a motivator to get serious about his own health. “Not just about you, but about this place, in general,” he told her during a later scene. “Just hearing about how well somebody was able to. I said, ‘Hey, I can do this too.’” 

In her own confessional, Tammy admitted it “might be a tad bit stalker-ish but I ain’t mad at him.”

Tammy’s sisters Amy Slaton and Amanda Halterman were visibly shocked when finding out she and Caleb were engaged within one month of dating and had plans to tie the knot in two weeks. 

“Two weeks away. Are you kidding me? Why rush anything?” Amanda said in a confessional during the March 14 episode. “I would definitely like to know your first, middle and last name before my sister goes and takes your last name.”

Meanwhile, Amy admitted in her own confessional that she originally thought Tammy’s engagement news was a joke “because she wants to marry a total stranger.”

Tammy and Caleb ultimately documented their wedding at the weight loss center during the March 21 episode, where Amy was beside her sister as her maid of honor at the sunflower-themed ceremony. 

“Coming in, I was skeptical on Caleb, and I still am but,” Amy told cameras. “Made a little bit better knowing that he is here for Tammy and he does love her.” 

Keep scrolling to see photos from 1000 Lb. Sisters stars Tammy and Caleb’s wedding!

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