Are Sam and Citra Still Together?
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Sam Wilson admitted to keeping a secret about his past struggle with drug addiction from his fiancé, Citra, on 90 Day Fiancé. Fans are curious about whether the two were able to make their relationship work and if they’re still together after his indiscretion.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Sam and Citra Meet?

Sam is from Missouri and Citra is from Indonesia. They met on a dating app.

“I thought she was hot, but like, I didn’t get attached right away,” Sam shared. “It was just really easy to talk to her, with some flirting in there.” The two got engaged when Sam took a trip to Indonesia and proposed.

90 day fiance are sam and citra still together

Sam and Citra first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé during the December 3, 2023, episode. The episode featured Citra arriving in the United States and revealing that her father, Herman, would be coming in a few days and staying for two weeks. Before Herman left to go back to Indonesia, Sam had to get his blessing to marry Citra. She also wanted to tie the knot while Herman was visiting so that he could see the wedding.

What Is Sam From 90 Day Fiance’s Secret?

Sam admitted to struggling with drug addiction in his past. He had not opened up to Citra about his addiction before she arrived in the United States.

“Back when I was 15, I got addicted to pain medicine and I stayed addicted to it for quite a few years,” Sam admitted. “Being addicted to opiates … it makes you, like, a really cold, numb person. So I never had a real relationship that lasted and it made life really hard.”

Sam said he got “clean and sober” when he was 22 years old. He’d been clean for “almost ten years” when he filmed 90 Day Fiancé, but admitted to “relapsing a few times.” He added, “It’s more important than ever that I stay clean 1701660930 because my fiancée is coming soon.”

What Problems Have ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Sam and Citra Faced?

In addition to Sam keeping secrets about his past, he also struggled with his and Citra’s different cultural backgrounds. She was raised to live a strict Muslim lifestyle and told Sam that he would have to convert to Islam for her family.

Part of Citra’s religious beliefs meant that she couldn’t indulge in premarital intimacy. Sam admitted that this was “not going to be easy” for him because he’s “horny.”

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Sam and Citra Still Together?

All signs point to Sam and Citra still being together.

Sam’s Instagram page is private but in his bio he seemed to reveal that he and Citra had gotten married. “Leave a message for Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,” it says.

Meanwhile, Citra posts photos with Sam on Instagram quite often. On October 31, she shared pictures from their 2023 Halloween together.

“My first time in my life celebrating Halloween with the love of my life and his family it was fun but also was really cold outside,” she wrote.

In September 2021, Citra revealed that she and Sam had known each other for “almost two years.” She also posted photos from their engagement on the beach in June 2021.

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