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After the band Fifth Harmony fell apart, fans wondered whether their reunion could possibly happen or not. It’s been a long time since fans got to see the band do anything together. Although Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony has been in the spotlight after her separation from the band. But do we expect the band’s reunion now?

Read ahead to know more about if band Fifth Harmony will reunite or not.

Fifth Harmony and its journey

Band Fifth Harmony began their journey long back with Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello. The band gave some major hits till 2016 when Cabello announced she was leaving the band. After Cabello, Fifth Harmony continued for a year to work together.

It was in 2018 that Fifth Harmony’s remaining members decided to split in order to work on solo careers like Cabello did. Ever since the band broke, fans have been thinking if they can expect a reunion of them to happen. But is it possibly happening?

Is Fifth Harmony to reunite?

Though Fifth Harmony wasn’t a very popular band. Yet, the band certainly had some hit tracks in their catalog. In fact, after Camila Cabello left the band. The band couldn’t continue for long to sustain their work. Eventually they too split to work on their solo careers.

But fans now think that the band may reunite. Ally Brooke’s recent statement has given hope to the band’s fans. Brooke’s appearance at E! News recently made fans to hope for a reunion of the Fifth Harmony. As a question about it was asked to Brooke.

When the host said, “I do feel like, in the future, we’ll get all the girls together”. Brooke responded “A hundred percent. We may be working on something”. Brooke’s statement has made fans really excited as they are now excited to know if there’s something to happen with the band really soon.

More about the possible reunion of Fifth Harmony

Brooke was even asked if Fifth Harmony could give fans something new. She confirmed the same with a “yes”. Later, Brooke on Fifth Harmony reunion rumors tweeted something that made things a bit more clear for all.

On X, Brooke wrote “I’m thrilled to see there’s a lot of interest surrounding Fifth Harmony. Reunion has many meanings and while there’s no official band reunion happening at the moment. Some beautiful friendships and relationships are slowly reuniting in a healing and empowering way. XX Ally”

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