Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek: Each and every one of Star Trek’s androids Brent Spiner took part in the performance (& What Happened To Them) Brent Spiner is most remembered for his portrayal as Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he’s also played a number of androids in a galaxy far, far away. Brent Spiner has played a variety of androids, including a version known as Soong, in addition to his role as Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek

B-4 (Star Trek)

The Next Generation’s prototype Soong android: Even before Lore, the villain Shinzon, who was a very Tom Hardy-looking clone, used Nemesis as a lure for Picard. Even after sending a copy of all his memories to B-4’s positronic brain, he couldn’t equal Data or Lore in terms of sophistication. B-4 was left on the Enterprise after Data’s death as a poor replica of their old friend. The taboo on synthetic life means that B-4 is currently stored in a storage drawer at the Daystrom Institute, where there was hope that Data may one day emerge from it in the first episode of Star Trek: Picard. It’s possible that B-4 will play a part in Data’s resurrection, but he’s not likely to feature in any future Star Trek episodes.

Dr. Soong triggered the homing beacons in both androids in “Brothers,” not realizing Lore was still alive. Lore stole an emotion chip that Data had built before killing Soong. Lore’s army of Borg drones ultimately met their equal in the two-part episode “Descent,” which was weakened by Hugh’s introduction of individuality into the collective in the TNG episode “I, Borg.” Data had no choice but to kill Lore in the end, believing he was alone in the universe once more. Dr. Noonien Soong (also played by Spiner), the developer of the Enterprise-beloved D’s operations officer, developed a pair of androids before creating Data.


Data, the most well-known Soong android, was Soong’s final creation and his crowning achievement in the realm of android development. Data appears in all four Star Trek: The Next Generation films, as well as one episode of Star Trek: Picard’s first season, “Family,” which takes place entirely outside of the Enterprise. Data, the alien who seeks to understand humanity, provided Spock’s function in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Data was always looking for new methods to explore his own sense of self-awareness and self-representation, even though Spock fought his own humanity. Riker once described him as a sci-fi Pinocchio, and he was correct. In the final Star Trek film, Nemesis, Data was tragically killed off. As a result of his sacrifice, Captain Picard would be tormented by the deed for the following two decades, as we witnessed in Star Trek: Picard. It’s no surprise that Picard would continue to wield his power long after he died, given the depth and complexity of Data’s character.

Lore Lore, who was formed before Data, was the polar opposite of him in many ways. Lore had no issue comprehending human emotion, while Data struggled. Lore’s emotions, on the other hand, were fueled by a sense of superiority and greed. Data had three meetings with Lore during the course of the show’s seven seasons. In “Datalore,” his first appearance, a massive sentient space crystal that had wiped out Soong’s colony years before was discovered to be in alliance with him.


Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek
Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek


BRENT SPINER WILL PERFORM AS AN ALL-NEW STAR TREK CHARACTER! Even so, the data is no longer usable. Fans of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 may believe Brent Spiner’s comeback means the popular android will be brought back to life. Spiner teased a spectacular announcement about his impending role in his new book Fan Fiction backstage at the Inverse Book Festival. This isn’t a spoiler, but it does rule out a few possibilities, leaving Trek fans with even more unanswered questions.

Brent Spiner revealed a big plot aspect for the second season of Picard while speaking to Inverse about the publication of his new book and his thoughts on fans. Spiner played Altan Soong, Data’s secret human sibling, in Season 1, but he claims he won’t be revisiting the character in Season 2. In actuality, he is playing a character that he has never played before. This isn’t Lore at all. It’s not B-4. Without a doubt, that isn’t Data.

“I can guarantee you, I’m not Data,” Spiner remarked confidently at the time of the interview, implying that filming on Picard Season 2 will end on September 2, 2021. The fact that I’m on the show has yet to be revealed to me. I’m a Soong family member, and I can tell you that. I’m playing a character who has never appeared in any of my previous performances. Brent Spiner will join the cast of Picard Season 2 as a new character. Data’s creator is Noonien Soong; his 22nd-century progenitor is Arik Soong; his android brothers are Lore and B-4; and Noonien’s biological son, Altan, is also a member of the Soong family.

Brent Spiner has played all of these characters in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the film Nemesis, and even Star Trek: Enterprise. To date, Brent Spiner has played all of these roles. What does it mean that Spiner will play another Soong family member in Picard Season 2?

Three Options Appear to be Available:

Spiner, as a member of the Soong family, could be playing a different character than Data, Lore, or B-4. The Soong family may have a new member in human form, according to Spiner’s casting. It’s possible that this Soong family member is still living today because of time travel! This could be Spiner’s function as a Soong relative, either android or human, who only exists in this alternate timeline. Assuming that’s the case, the options are nearly endless. If the new member of the Soong family is from another world, we could be dealing with anything from alternate Data to a completely different Soong who has no interest in working with androids.

Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek
Android Played By Brent Spiner On Star Trek

Brent Spiner’s enemies when he debuted as Arik Soong in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Arik Soong” in 2005 were Khan’s buddies the Augments (played by Brent Spiner). In Picard Season 2, which shows an alternate “present,” the Federation appears to be ruled by dictators. Coincidence? Probably! We don’t know what this means just yet. The only thing we know for sure is that Spiner’s next Star Trek role will be “fascinating,” as Data would describe it. Brent Spiner spoke with Yahoo Movies about his refusal to repeat his role as the Starfleet android if asked during the promotion of Independence Day: Resurgence.

Even though it angers certain fans, Spiner’s forecast that there would be no Data in the future of Star Trek is right. Even in the advanced technological period in which the franchise is set, androids and other synthetic living forms have no way of growing old. We certainly don’t want them to. Aging to the point where you can no longer work, even if it takes considerably longer in the Star Trek era, is clearly one of those vulnerabilities, which is the whole point of making sort-of people. The second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation is planned to broadcast on Paramount+ in February 2022.

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