Are Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu And Kane Lim Still Friends?

The documentary series “Bling Empire” on Netflix introduces its viewers to several of the wealthiest East Asians and East Asian Americans now residing in the city of Los Angeles. In addition to illuminating some aspects of Asian culture that are less well known to the general public, the reality series reveals the day-to-day routines of the world’s wealthiest people. In addition to the glitz and glamour that are there in each and every facet of the show, the viewer is also made aware of the internal drama that occurs inside this select group during the course of the series.

The rivalry that developed between Christine Chiu and Kane Lim was one of the most compelling storylines for viewers to follow during the third season of the show. Both of them are among the most well-liked cast members of the series, and the audience has always found themselves thoroughly entertained by the dynamic that they share. However, many members of the public are left wondering whether or not the two individuals continue to be friends as a result of the recent drama that occurred between them. If you find yourself in the same situation, the following is everything that we know about it.

Christine Chiu and Kane Lim

The Adventures of Christine Chiu and Kane Lim in the Bling Empire

During the first two seasons of the show, Christine and Kane enjoyed spending time with one another and had a fairly positive connection with one another. The group of pals would frequently accompany one another on outings to the store and would frequently meet together to discuss about the activities of other members in their group. The audience had a special soft spot for this friendship since the scenarios that resulted from the two characters interacting were almost always hilarious. On the other hand, Christine heard a story that Anna Shay planned to “end her,” which caused things to begin to deteriorate between the two of them.

Throughout the entirety of the third season, one of the challenges that Christine had was that everyone in her social circle had also, in some way, heard the rumour. However, the genesis of the rumour itself remained a subject of disagreement throughout the entirety of the show. Kane was in on the secret that Christine had shared with him about how she became aware of the specific piece of gossip and that she had a sneaking suspicion that Jaime Xie was involved in it. The audience witnesses Kane sharing this information with Jamie, which ultimately led to Christine being confronted. After the talk, Christine was left feeling extremely wounded by Kane’s actions, and she was also greatly insulted by the fact that Kane’s statements had caused people to believe that she was a liar.

After this, Kane and Mimi Morris had a lunch meeting planned with Christine, but Christine did not show up, giving the excuse that she needed to pick up her son. Kane and Mimi Morris were disappointed. Kane discussed Christine’s actions with Mimi, and while Mimi first stated that she did not care that Christine was absent, it appeared that she changed her opinion shortly after Kane’s conversation with her about Christine’s activities. During the course of the birthday celebration that Mimi had organised for her son, the level of tension reached an all-time high. Christine arrived at the event originally late, and upon her arrival, she was immediately greeted by Mimi, who stated that she was insulted by the fact that Christine did not show up to the lunch date.

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This caused Christine a great deal of pain because she insisted that she had put a great deal of effort to maintain her friendship with Mimi. The former individual also made the connection between Mimi’s statements and the fact that Kane was present during the lunch date and made the decision to confront Kane about the matter. During that particular conversation, Christine asserted that she had previously confided in Kane regarding her innermost thoughts and emotions, but that she no longer felt she could do so. She also asked him to refrain from discussing her with anyone else, as she was of the opinion that Kane had exaggerated the gravity of the situation involving Anna and encouraged Mimi to act in an inappropriate manner. We are certain that you are interested to learn whether or not the pair was able to recover from the setback, and here are the answers you require to satisfy your curiosity.

Christine Chiu and Kane Lim
Christine Chiu and Kane Lim

Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim Still Friends?

It would appear that Christine Chiu and Kane Lim have, at the very least, a civil relationship. Christine Chiu had asked the majority of the individuals in her social circle to attend and show their support for her while she was competing on “Dancing with the Stars.” On the other hand, Kane did not show up for the same, which did not set well with Christine at all. Anne did extend an invitation to Christine to attend the listing party he was throwing in the hopes of smoothing things over between himself and Christine. The argument between the two guests did surface during the meal, but it was never resolved in a way that was satisfying to watch on film.

Following their heated discussion, the two individuals now appear to be on more amicable terms when speaking to one another. Although they follow each other on social media, it seems that they have a deeper relationship with other members of their social circle and cast members than they do with one another. We hope that they are able to put the past behind them and that they are successful in the endeavours that they have planned in the future, regardless of the circumstances.

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