No, Nicole from Ex on the Beach and Chad from the show no longer share a romantic relationship. Both Nicole and Chad have moved on with their lives and are in relationships with other people

Nicole Ramos is a reality television star who rose to fame after making her appearance on the show “Ex on the Beach” on MTV.

A group of single people are transported to a tropical setting for the purpose of filming a reality show in which they are challenged to work through the love complications that arise when their exes start to show up one by one.

During one of the seasons, Ramos was a member of the cast and became well-known for the dramatic relationships she portrayed on the show.

Reality television star Chad Johnson shot to stardom after making an appearance on the show “Ex on the Beach.”

The second season of the show, which debuted in 2018, featured him as a cast member.

Johnson is well-liked by everyone thanks to his charismatic personality and attractive appearance. Other reality television programmes, such as “The Bachelorette” and “Celebrity Big Brother,” have featured him as a contestant as well.

Johnson has built up a sizable following across all of his social media platforms, and he remains a well-liked character in the realm of reality television.


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Nicole and Chad (The Beach): Are They Still Together?

The couple from “Ex on the Beach,” Nicole and Chad, are no longer together. The pair decided to end their relationship and have since parted ways.

On the reality television show “Ex on the Beach,” Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson competed against one another.

They started dating during their time on the show, but it turned out to be one of the most fleeting relationships of all the couples who participated in the programme and appeared on the show together.

They eventually reunited with one another and got back together despite the difficulties they had, one of which was Chad’s pursuit of another ex.

However, because of the great distance that separated them and the fact that they resided in different cities, they were unable to maintain their relationship over time.

Because of this, it was challenging for them to establish a strong connection, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

In spite of the fact that they were both contestants on the reality TV show “Ex on the Beach,” Chad Johnson decided to put more of his attention on his friendship with Nicole Ramos rather than his relationship with his exe-girlfriend Madeline.

At the time, it seemed as though Nicole was really committed to the idea of raising a family with Chad, but unfortunately, their relationship did not continue.

Signals have been sent out by social media networks indicating that their cooperation has come to an end.

A promotional trailer for Part 1 of the show had Chad in a troubled state, and Nicole could be seen attempting to console him in the clip.

This behaviour does not seem to be consistent with that of a couple that is joyful and pleased.

In addition, it was evident from Nicole’s Instagram account that she has been spending the majority of her recent postings by herself, which is further evidence that she is not dating Chad.

In an Instagram post, Nicole went so far as to share a teaser for the documentary she intended to film outlining the reasons she ended her relationship with Chad.

In the movie trailer, she gave the impression that Chad was chatting it up with other women while he was in Los Angeles.

Nicole asserted that she had screenshots available to back up her claims and presented these screenshots as evidence for her allegations.

This leads one to believe that they were involved in a serious altercation off camera, and Nicole was all set to share her side of the story when the cast of “Ex on the Beach” got back together.

Nicole and Chad (The Beach): Where Are They Now?

Following the conclusion of their romance, Chad and Nicole decided to go their own ways. Even after the conclusion of “Ex on the Beach,” Chad did not stop pursuing a career in reality television.

In February of the year 2020, Johnson was arrested on accusations related to a heist that allegedly included his girlfriend.

Because of this, the majority of his television shows were cancelled.

After that, he announced that he was going to look for work in a different sector of the economy. In August of 2020, he reached an agreement with the prosecutors in which he pleaded to one count of vandalism and intimidating a witness in exchange for a “no contest” plea.

He was given a term of probation for a period of three years and was required to undergo counselling for domestic violence.

Similarly, Nicole did not discover the love of her life in herself but rather in another person.

According to the reality TV personality, she tied the knot with a man whose name is Shawn Morrison, and the couple now has children.

On the official account that she maintains on Instagram, she shared a photo as well as a video from her wedding.


Nicole and Chad (The Beach): First Meeting

Both Chad Johnson and Nicole Ramos participated in the reality show Ex on the Beach that was broadcast on MTV.

During their time together in the residence, they grew close to one another and eventually started dating.

They shared a strong bond, and at one point or another, they discussed the possibility of beginning a family with one another.

Nevertheless, the presence of Chad’s ex-girlfriend, Madeline Sullivan, resulted in a significant conflict between Chad and Nicole.

Madeline’s desire to restart her romance with Chad caused tension between Chad and Nicole, who were already in a committed relationship.

Because of this circumstance, a love triangle developed, in which Chad found himself in the position of having to choose between his ex and Nicole.

In the end, Chad made the decision to remain with Nicole, and the two of them walked away from the beach home together after declaring their love for one another.


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The Beach: Plot

JustSee is the engine behind it.
“The Beach” is a seriously disorganised picture that tries three or four times to be a better movie but fails to finish any of those attempts.

It is more of a test for Leonardo DiCaprio than it would be for him in a better picture since he is asked to embody all of its shifting moods and purposes. It is like a triathlon where every time he sees the finish line, they put him on a bicycle and send him out for another 50 kilometres.

The opening sequences are designed to intentionally imitate the start of “Apocalypse Now,” complete with steamy closeups, whirling ceiling fans, and voice-overs in which Leonardo DiCaprio attempts to sound like Martin Sheen.

A fellow traveller, played by Robert Carlyle, tells him of an island paradise that is difficult to locate but well worth the journey when they are staying at a run-down hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Will his quest be inspired by a novel written by Joseph Conrad, such as Victory, in the same way that “Apocalypse Now” was inspired by “Heart of Darkness”? But alas, no such luck.

This is the kind of movie in which the protagonists are threatened by heavily armed guards in a marijuana field, and that’s less alarming than when they jump off a ledge into a deep pool.

The character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, named Richard, recruits a French couple in the next room. As they set out for the legendary island, the movie abandons Conrad and “Apocalypse,” and instead borrows from “Blue Lagoon” on its way to Later on, they are going to be swimming through luminous clouds of plankton, and Richard is going to engage in a one-on-one battle with a shark.


The Beach: Cast

To tell you the truth, many of the sequences appear to be unnecessary padding. Richard and his new French friends Francoise (Virginie Ledoyen) and Etienne (Guillaume Canet) arrive safely at a sort of retro hippie commune where the pot is free, the bongos beat every night, and all is blissful on the beach.

However, Sal (Tilda Swinton), the community’s leader, keeps a watchful eye over everyone under her watchful eye. Richard describes it to us as paradise, with the exception of his insatiable desire for Francoise.

So, are we heading for a love triangle here? No, because Francoise is no longer remembered with fondness, and Etienne wants nothing more than for her to experience joy in life.

They are the French. A later experience with Sal is more like plumbing than passion, and both sex scenes are random; neither the characters nor the movie are affected by them in any way.

However, many of the sequences can be categorised as being good ideas at the time they were implemented. Take, for instance, a peculiar interlude in which Richard assumes the role of the protagonist in a video game and stomps across the environment depicted on the screen in computer graphics.

There is an echoe here from “Trainspotting,” a superior film by the same director, Danny Boyle, in which special effects are used to take the hero on a plummet into the depths of the world’s dirtiest toilet.

In this scene, there is an echo from “Trainspotting.” Whereas the effects worked well as comedic exaggeration there, they have no comedic value whatsoever here.

I suppose what is significant is Richard’s transformation from an American drifter in the Orient into a kind of self-appointed Tarzan, who takes to the jungle and trains himself, knowing full well that a movie so pointless and meandering will need contrived violence to justify the obligatory ending.

Richard’s journey from an American drifter in the Orient into a kind of self-appointed Tarzan. The conclusion of the movie is a confused hodgepodge of different elements, including action, existential resignation, the paradise-lost syndrome, and memories of happier days.

The latter element was probably added because studio executives are convinced that a movie must end on a final upbeat note, regardless of how depressing the movie’s outcome may be.

The Beach: Review

  • The experience of watching “The Beach” is similar to attending a screenplay conference in which only individual scenes are reviewed and never the entire movie.
  • What exactly are we talking about here? There are the makings here of a romantic triangle, a man vs the jungle drama, a man versus the jungle parable, a microcosm of civilization parable, or a cautionary tale about attempting to be innocent in a cruel world.
  • I suppose that the small civilization that Sal controls over is fodder for satire or insight, but the film does not provide either of those things. Sal’s society is a benevolent dictatorship, in which happiness is guaranteed as long as one follows the rules.
  • There has been a remarkable change in the situation. One of the boys from the commune gets bitten by a shark, and when his screams of agony disrupt the peaceful atmosphere on the island for the others, Sal simply has him transported out of earshot.
  • This occurrence gives the impression that another, more sinister film could have been made out of it, but it is not permitted to pay off or lead to anything significant.
  • It’s possible that this is due to the fact that the entire movie is seen so unwaveringly through Richard’s eyes, and the movie doesn’t want to insult its target demographic group or dilute Leonardo DiCaprio’s celebrity by exposing the character as the moron that he is.
  • Richard would have been revealed as an egotistical child who was out of his element in a film that was smarter than this one. Perhaps he would have ended himself in the middle of the woods, where no one could hear his screaming.

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