Aubrey O’Day, Big Brother’s Kyland Young Hooking Up: Details

Spilling the tea! Aubrey O’Day opens up about hooking up with Big Brother’s Kyland Young during an exclusive interview with In Touch.

“[Kyland] and I have been cuddling a little bit,” the “Show Stopper” artist, 38, admits before mentioning that she has been talking to another man as well. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s not Kyland, but Kyland and I kissed. We kissed a little, and he cuddles me at night.” 

Aubrey adds that the Challenge alum “is such a beautiful spirit” and she is “so in love with the man that he is.” However, the former Broadway actress mentions that this is the first time she has ever been interested in more than one person. 

“I’ve never liked a boy and another boy, and I’ve never been free,” she explains, while promoting her upcoming single and OnlyFans uncensored nude music video, “Couple Goals,” which will be released on Monday, November 21. “I feel like I’ve always belonged to other people because I belonged to so many people at such a young age. And they criticize me and judge me, and then I need to be better, and then I need to do this.”

When it comes to her sex life, Aubrey notes she “never shared [her] body with somebody” whom she didn’t think she would spend the rest of her life with. Moreover, the San Francisco native “never had a one-night stand” before. 

Aubrey O'Day Is Hooking Up With Kyland Young From 'Big Brother': 'He Cuddles Me at Night'
Shutterstock; Courtesy of Kyland Young/Instagram

“I can count the people on my hands that I’ve had sex with,” Aubrey continues. “So, I’m a little, like, not prudish, but I just have been in long relationships a lot.”

From 2015 to 2018, the former Danity Kane member was in a relationship with Jersey Shore’s Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio Jr. Following their split, Aubrey claimed Pauly, 42, had cheated on her. However, the MTV personality has denied the allegations. Aubrey’s new song marks the first time she opens up about their tumultuous romance through her art. 

As for her current mindset on dating, the Between Two Evils singer says, “I’m not stressing myself out and wanting people to be something other than they are. I’m finding ways to satisfy myself sexually as a woman without needing to put so many ideas on it. And I’m being respected and validated and enjoying myself while I look for my husband because I’m trying to pop a baby out before these ovaries get too old.” 

Apart from enjoying her newfound perception on sex, Aubrey also emphasizes that she is “building [her] business” and is proud of using her uncensored nude music video on OnlyFans to inspire other women. “You can be naked and express yourself sexually and it can still look like art and be beautiful,” she says. “And I think a lot of women don’t necessarily understand that yet. And I’m gonna show them how you do it.”

“And that’s what I’m doing on my OnlyFans,” the Hairspray alum elaborates. “I’m just talking about things I’ve been through in life that maybe people who are there that want to have more of a connection than just sexual can come to me and have that type of connection. And come if you like me because I’m looking for a husband, [and] Kyland ain’t put a ringing on it yet, girl.” 

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