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Internet sensation Bhad Bhabie reveals that OnlyFans saved her from going broke. While Bhad established her musical career after becoming popular. She didn’t find the work to be benefitting her in terms of money. But that’s when she opted to have a career on OnlyFans. Now she has opened up about how it helped her.

Read ahead to know more about Bhad Bhabie opens up on how OnlyFans’ career saved her from going broke.

Bhad Bhabie and her popularity on the Internet

Bhad Bhabie became an internet sensation after her role in the show Dr Phil with her iconic line “Catch me outside, how bout that?”. Post which she became a star and began her musical career as well. She even met Kim Kardashian for lunch.

Though B had had fairly enough popularity on the internet. It seems like it didn’t help her much as she was about to go broke. In fact, she revealed recently in a podcast

episode that she didn’t find much money coming from her musical career. It was OnlyFans that saved her at last.

Bhad Bhabie reveals that OnlyFans saved her from going broke

Though Bhad Bhabie became a sensation with her musical career going well. She recently opened up during Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast “High Low” about how her musical career didn’t give her enough money. Talking about the musical career she said she “barely saw any money from music”.

@bonafidebossbxtches #cashmeoutside #daniellebregoli #bhadbhabie ♬ original sound – BonafideBossBxtches

Not to miss, many of her released music videos had millions of views on it. Bhad though didn’t find enough success in terms of money with that. In fact, she had to opt for an OnlyFans career to save herself from going broke at the end. She herself talked about the same during the podcast episode.

How OnlyFans save Bhad Bhabie from going broke?

There have been many social media stars who opted for an OnlyFans career. Bhad Bhabie is one of them. Recently she talked about how she had to go for an OnlyFans career and it saved her from going broke. Revealing it Bhad said, “I wasn’t really thinking much of it at the time. But I was actually broke as f**k before I started OnlyFans”.

She added, “My mom was in control of my money, so she was going whatever she wanted to do, and I had a $500 limit on my card”. It was in 2022 that Bhad went for an OnlyFans career and even shared all screenshots of her earnings on the platform. That was over $50 million.

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