Chris Cole Project Veritas: We don’t know who he is. A Project Veritas Hidden camera caught an FDA official claiming that Vice President Joe Biden plans to mandate an annual Covid injection for financial gain. Vaccine boosters for the Covid-19 virus are part of the Biden administration’s vaccine booster strategy, according to Cole in the video. Covid boosters will become an annual necessity!

Chris Cole Project Veritas

Biden administration will be handsomely rewarded for promoting it according to a video obtained by Project Veritas. They were recorded on a hidden camera by Christopher Cole, an executive officer of the Food and Drug Administration’s Medical Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi). Cole acknowledges that “Biden wants to vaccinate as many people as possible” in the video that has gone viral and has been viewed by thousands. When he made the shocking comments, Cole didn’t appear to be aware that he was being videotaped by a Project Veritas covert camera.

Activist group Big Expose Project Veritas produced a report on Wednesday with edited video fragments from at least two secretly-recorded sessions with Cole in the months of January and February, respectively. As heard in the film, the Biden administration and its plans for Covid-19 vaccination boosters are laid bare by Cole. Biden wants to vaccinate as many people as possible, Cole is heard saying before the video jumps forward. “As a result, you must receive a yearly vaccination. There’s no official announcement yet, so you don’t want to start a ruckus.

Undercover Reporter

There will be an annual shot like the flu vaccination because the vaccine wears off and your body’s ability to fight it diminishes with time. “The medicine businesses, the food industries, the vaccine companies… so they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products,” Cole said in another part of the film. A steady stream of revenue will flow into their organization if they can convince everyone to have an annual vaccine.

It’s claimed that Project Veritas’ “undercover reporter” made the comments to him over a series of dinner dates. Cole, on the other hand, has dubbed the insurance coverage a “hoax” and rejected the assertions. Vaccine approvals and vaccination devices are among Cole’s responsibilities at the FDA’s MCMi, which he claims his office “has issued all emergency clearances for such countermeasures,” according to the video. Cole is heard suggesting later in the film that the Biden administration stands to gain from the whole ordeal. How did you know it had already been approved? When the Project Veritas source inquired, “So, how do you know?”

“Well, from what I’ve heard, they’re not going to disapprove of this,” he added. It’s going to be a gradual process, Cole believes. In the future, “schools will require it.” Because “why?” the undercover reporter inquired. Well, the same reason you or I would… so the three will strengthen your system, and then there will be an annual, eventually a year-round shot like the flu vaccination,” he continued.

The FDA is not going to approve the ‘toddler vaccine,’ he says – and he says it repeatedly. He handles these emergency use authorizations for toddler immunizations. Make it official by stamping our approval.’ According to him, an emergency exists, so the immunizations for toddlers will be given as a matter of course because of an emergency authorization. This is a significant matter, and we’d like to know more about it.’

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Chris Cole Project Veritas

Retaliation from the Food and Drug Administration

The FDA and Cole have both dismissed the claims as a sham. A statement issued by FDA stated that Cole does not work on vaccine-related subjects and that his views do not represent FDA policy. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, on the other side, has accused the FDA of being corrupt. During an interview with Fox News, he attacked the federal government as corrupt. An executive officer in a government declaring he didn’t realize he was being filmed determines how items are approved, according to O’Keefe.

The FDA’s potential corruption was first brought to Cole’s attention by O’Keefe, who claimed the official “misspoke.” “I requested that he become a whistleblower for me. Obviously, he’s saying some very true things here,’ the Project Veritas leader stated. “He claims he said the wrong thing. “Which part did you misspeak about?” I inquired. It turned out that the man had been speaking privately because he didn’t want his statements to be made public. When Cole’s comments were made public, other experts, including Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, were predicting that the pandemic would soon be finished and vaccines would be unnecessary.

Allegedly Cole “rubber-stamped” the approval of emergency use permission of toddler Covid vaccinations, indicating the decision was prompted by the “fountain of revenue that goes into the FDA,” Project Veritas head “In the video, the FDA is shown as a wellspring of financial resources. O’Keefe noted that the money they receive from pharmaceutical corporations increases the likelihood of their products being approved. Cole is now enraged with Project. In a follow-up interview with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, Cole maintained that his office was not involved in vaccine approval.

When he found out that you had secretly recorded him while they were out on a date, he was furious. In my opinion, you’ve misconstrued a lot of it. Allegedly, Cole rubber-stamped the clearance of the emergency use permission of toddler Covid vaccinations, adding that the decision was prompted by the ‘fountain of revenue’ that gets into the Food and Drug Administration. ‘The film discusses FDA’s money fountain, or rather, its income fountain. Pharmaceutical companies are more likely to get their products approved because of the financial support they receive from the government.

In response to’s request for comment, the FDA did not react Anna Khait, a Russian-born professional poker player, started reporting undercover for the group under the name Hope Higgins last year. According to Democratic campaign worker Michael Kolenc, who spoke to Khait using the name Higgins in July 2018, he was one among many targeted by Khait.

Project Veritas released an interview with Kolenc, in which he criticizes former Oregon Governor Kate Brown, claiming Khait lured him in with the promise of a possible romance before filming him making disparaging remarks about her. More than 925,000 Americans have died as a result of this virus, which has been vigorously promoted as a preventative measure by President Biden’s government. There were around 66% and 77.7% of the American population vaccinated as of February 14, respectively. Based on data from the CDC, about 28 percent of Americans had received booster injections.

On CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia this week, Moderna chief executive Bancel said he is convinced the next strain of virus would not be less virulent and that the way the current variation is running out of steam is an encouraging omen for the future. As Omicron or [Covid] virus evolves, there is an 80 percent likelihood that we will see fewer virulent viruses, he added. However, despite the fact that Omicron was not highly virulent, we still see thousands of people dying every day around the world as a result of it.’ Moderna manufactures the second most popular vaccination in the United States, with 206 million doses given since its initial release in December 2020.

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