Eleni Kassa, the missing mother, was discovered dead over 500 miles away in a trunk. The Murfreesboro Police Department reported Kassa missing on November 18.

“I am heartbroken and saddened – especially when someone dies in a domestic violence setting.

She said she sees cases like Kassa’s all the time. Following an argument at Kassa’s apartment, police in Murfreesboro believe Kassa and Dominique Hardwick engaged in some form of domestic violence.

I pray for the family’s peace during this tragic time,” Downing said. After she failed to pick up her daughter from school, Eleni’s family reported her missing. Her Dodge Charger and cell phone were left at her apartment.

Eleni Kassa Cause Of Death:

The Michigan State Police confirmed Monday evening that Eleni Kassa was the 31-year-old woman found in the trunk of the vehicle they pursued Sunday afternoon in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Dominique Hardwick, 36, of Lebanon, Tennessee, was identified as the deceased driver and suspect in the case.

In the front passenger seat, there was a 34-year-old woman who was not identified by police. The injured woman was taken to a hospital for treatment. There is no information about the actual cause of death.

How did Eleni Kassa Die?

A police officer tried to stop the car in Dearborn, Michigan on Sunday afternoon. A woman sat in the passenger seat with Hardwick as the driver.

In the end, Hardwick crashed the car and fired on police before shooting herself.

Later, Kassa was found dead in the trunk. An argument in Murfreesboro turned physical back in August, and Hardwick was arrested. No cause of death has been determined for Kassa.

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