Ice Spice is not the victim of a chain-snatching attack. However, she is being targeted reportedly for clout-chasing on social media. 

Here is everything you need to know.

Ice Spice’s stolen chain video is a TikTok hoax

 A video of a man claiming to be in possession of Ice Spice’s Queen necklace began making rounds on social media on Wednesday.

Although the fans of Ice Spice showed their concern for her, it appears like everything was fake.

According to TMZ, a TikTok user was merely looking to make his video viral with the whole drama with the Queen chain.

Moreover, the user was subjected to a major backlash from other internet users. Additionally, a source close to the Munch (Feelin U) rapper revealed that she never owned a Queen necklace while talking with TMZ  Hip Hop.

Meanwhile, the title ‘Queen’ supposedly belongs to rapper Nicki Minaj.

However, internet sleuths discovered that the Bronx-bred rapper seemingly has a custom pendant with the Isis inscribed on it. In addition, she seemingly had it while her career as a singer grew.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice bought a $100,000 custom diamond piece and chain earlier this year.

Additionally, Benny Da Jeweler shared a video on Instagram where he delivers the custom piece to Ice Spice.

The chain appears to be the animated version of the 23-year-old rapper. It also includes her signature curly afro which is covered in diamonds.

Benny outlined the post with a caption that read, ‘TOLD PRINCESS DIANA WE DOIN $100K FOR THE CHAIN!!! @icespicee WHAT THEY GON TELL US!!!’

Ice Spice fans react to the alleged robbery

Many fans of Ice Spice took to their respective Twitter account to express their outrage about the rumors that her Queen chain was allegedly stolen. 

A fan wrote, ‘So you’re tough because you snatched Ice Spice’s chain? Or are you cool now? Does it make you gangsta? Trying to figure out what bragging about it on camera does for you exactly.’

Someone else commented, ‘Them n***as that’s acting like they snatched Ice Spice chain is by far the weirdest shit ever….. Why do a lot of you n***a be so pressed to make us men look bad fam?’

Another user chimed in to say, ‘They saying they snatched ice spice’s chain we gotta handle this.’

A different fan added, ‘If ice spice really got her chain snatched on women’s history month we are surrounded by losers. Fr.’


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