Jenelle Evans Calls Kids Her 'Best Friends' Amid Jace Drama
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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans revealed that her kids are her “best friends” and have helped her through a difficult battle with depression amid the drama surrounding her oldest son, Jace Evans.

The MTV reality star took to Facebook with a candid video about her emotions on Thursday, November 30. The video opened with Jenelle, 31, wiping tears from her eyes as she said in a voiceover, “Sometimes this is me waking up, crying. Then it’s time to wipe your tears, put on a happy face and be the best mother you can be.”

She continued over a clip of her fixing her hair, “I can’t even begin to describe to ya’ll how my emotions have been. A complete rollercoaster.” Jenelle then shared a shot of son Kaiser Griffith, 9, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley, 6, whom she shares with husband David Eason.

“But my kids are my best friends and they make me smile all the time. So … I know that when I turn around and wipe my tears, they’re there to say ‘Hey mom!’ and give me a big hug.”

Jenelle concluded the video by saying that she’s “had a lot of alone time to think lately” and has gotten “caught up in [her] emotions.” Though she has struggled to pull herself out of her depression, Jenelle wanted to ensure others who felt the same way that they were not alone.

jenelle evans with her three kids
Courtesy of Jenelle Evans/Instagram

The video came as Jenelle’s son Jace, 14, is separated from the family while under the care of Child Protective Services (CPS) after his fourth runaway attempt. On November 18, the teen ran away from grandmother Barbara Evans’ home, where he had been staying after he attempted to run away three times in two months while living with Jenelle and David, 35. After Jace was found on November 19, he was admitted to the hospital, and CPS planned to place him in foster care, sources told TMZ on November 21.

The insiders told the publication that Jace ran away in response to Barbara, 70, taking his phone away as punishment for getting caught vaping at school. The Ashley reported on November 20 that a source claimed Jace “wasn’t able to get on his proper medications while he was at Barbara’s, due to Jenelle still having the power to deny him access to certain meds.” However, Jenelle shut down the claim, telling In Touch in a statement that it was “not true.”

“All medical decisions are not being made by neither my mother or myself at the moment,” the former reality star said. “I cannot comment about the details at the moment due to the ongoing court case.”

Jace was previously admitted to the hospital after his third runaway attempt, during which time he accused David of assault. The father of three became the subject of a CPS investigation and was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in October following an incident that occurred on September 28, the day Jace ran away for the third time.

“The defendant unlawfully and willfully did being the parent of [Jace Evans], who was a child less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child,” a document obtained by In Touch on October 26 revealed. “The physical injury inflicted caused marks on the right arm and left and right side of the neck and was inflicted by other than accidental means.”

David was set to appear in court on Wednesday, November 29. However, a member from his legal firm, William Gore, appeared to report that the lawyer David initially retained to represent him was on maternity leave until January 1 and asked for the case to resume then, The Ashley reported. The outlet also noted that David only retained his attorney the day before.

In Touch confirmed the proceedings for David’s case would continue on January 18, 2024.

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