Teen Mom’s Jenelle in ‘Crisis’ Amid Legal Bills, $46K Tax Lien
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Amid rumors of former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ split from husband David Eason, her sister, Ashleigh Evans, claims it’s all for attention.

“I do believe Jenelle is doing a publicity [stunt] even if she does get rid of her husband, David, and ask Marissa, her stepdaughter, to move out,” Ashleigh exclusively tells In Touch amid rumors that Jenelle kicked David out of their North Carolina home. “I do believe that if she does get back together with David after the court date, she’s not capable of taking care of her kids [on] her own. And even if she does well and gets rid of David, I do believe that she’s going to continuously continue the same type of toxic behavior because my sister, Jenelle, [has] always been the same prior to David and her entire life.”

According to Jenelle, 32, however, she and Ashleigh have not been in contact in nearly a decade. “I have not spoken to my sister since my son Kaiser has been born which was 2014. She hasn’t been in my life for years,” she exclusively tells In Touch

The women’s public battle began when Ashleigh re-emerged after a four-year social media hiatus, to bash her sibling, claiming that Jenelle “destroyed” their mother Barbara Evans‘ reputation. 

“I am making this video to tell everybody that my sister’s nothing but a liar. She’s always been the same. She has not only lied and destroyed my mother’s reputation, she has destroyed my reputation and said horrible things about our family over the past 15 years.”

In the since-deleted video, shared via TikTok on February 20, Ashleigh went on to say that Barbara, 70, was “very upset” and “done” with Jenelle after their decade-long custody battle. “I have not spoken to my sister for eight years. And if she wants to retaliate, that’s absolutely fine, because I have a lot of things against her that I’ve kept secret for a very long time.”

Two days later, Jenelle took to her own social media to reshare footage from 2021 in which she claimed her sister was “jealous” of her. 

“Me and [Ashleigh] didn’t have the best relationship growing up. She had her own friends. I had my own friends,” she said in the February 22 video. “When we moved to North Carolina, things changed. She got into a Gothic phase, and I was high school cheerleader, and we definitely didn’t get along then, because it seems like my sister was jealous over me.”

The former 16 & Pregnant star claimed that things “only got worse” after she landed a spot on the MTV series. “She, um, has mental health issues. She’s sold me out to the tabloids, making up stories that aren’t even true. When something goes bad in my life, that’s the only time that she will comment on my life. So hope she’s doing well, but it’s better if I cut her off,” Jenelle concluded. 

While it’s unclear what prompted Ashleigh to end her social media hiatus, her video was shared just days after Child Protective Services (CPS) dropped their case against Jenelle and David, 35, following Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace Evans, multiple runaway attempts and subsequent accusations of assault toward his stepfather. The father of three was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in October 2023, and indicted in January.

In the days since, Jenelle and David have changed their relationship statuses to “separated” on their public Facebook profiles and have stopped following each other on Instagram. 

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