The persons who run to save the country will happily sacrifice their lives to save mother earth or their country. Such patriotism will lie in the blood and nerves of the body. They will never feel for anything other than the country’s well-being. 

Many soldiers and officials have lost their lives in a fight, war, or attack. One such incident is about the death of the head of Mexico’s National Guard, who had been killed in the state of Zacatecas along with some other wounded soldiers. 

Jose Silvestre Urzua cause of death:

Jose Silvestre Urzua, the head of Mexico’s National Guard, lost his life on Thursday, 24 November 2022. The General is one of the known and the highest-ranking commanders of Mexico’s militarized police force. And also he now holds the position of the head of the Zacatecas branch. He had lost his life in a recent attack, where he was killed while fighting with armed men. This is the cause of his death.

How did Jose Silvestre Urzua die?

Jose Silvestre Urzua, a patriotic man, fulfilling and completing his duties, who had done his best to the country, had bravely lost his life on Thursday morning during the attack with the armed men of the opposition team. 

He was killed in the state of Zacatecas, where he was working as the head. Along with him, several four men were attacked, got severe wounds, and are under treatment. 

What happened to Jose Silvestre Urzua?

It is unfortunate to hear that the great head and a patriotic person towards the country’s well-being had lost his life due to the attack with the opposition team. Even though they were standing to fight for their country, the General lost his life by the attack of the men from the opposition team. What a brave death it is! May his soul rest in peace! 


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