Know What Fans Respond To Kaylee Hartung’s Eye Injury And More About Her Married Life

Know What Fans Respond To Kaylee Hartung’s Eye Injury and More About Her Married Life

Kaylee Hartung’s eyes seem strange. Fans have speculated that she may have suffered an eye injury at some point.

The legendary American broadcaster Hartung was born in the United States. She reports on the action from the sidelines during Thursday Night Football, which airs on Amazon Prime Video. In the past, she worked as a contributor for various news organisations like CBS News, ESPN, CNN, and ABC News.

Hartung was a reporter for the daily Washington Unplugged broadcast on CBS News in addition to being a featured journalist for the programme Unplugged Under 40. She started her career as Bob Schieffer’s associate after finishing a summer internship there, which paved the road for her to become an associate producer on Face the Nation. Her time spent as Bob Schieffer’s associate helped pave the way for her to become an associate producer on Face the Nation.

After some time, Kaylee found work at ESPN, where she eventually became a journalist for the SEC Network. In the year 2017, CNN decided to recruit Hartung. In 2019, Hartung resigned from his position as a correspondent at CNN and joined ABC News instead. Amazon made the announcement that Hartung would be returning to sports broadcasting in July 2022 in the capacity of a sideline reporter for Thursday Night Football.

Kaylee Hartung

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Is Kaylee Hartung Has Suffered An Eye Injury?

Some of Kaylee Hartung’s admirers in the year 2020 found it peculiar that she possessed a left eye, and others even speculated that she might have a fake eye.

Coronavirus was quickly identified as the source of the illness that the reporter was suffering from. As a symptom of the illness, she had complained of discomfort in both of her eyes. In addition, the journalist was taking medications, one of which was a cream that she used in the space between her eyes. Because of this, her left eye appeared to be somewhat wrong.

Hartung was one of the first well-known figures on a national scale to publicly disclose a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. This was due to the fact that her symptoms were not exactly what was anticipated at the time.

Kaylee did not have any soreness in her chest or any difficulty breathing. Not even a cough came from her. However, I did get the chills, a terrible headache, and some congestion.

Despite this, Hartung was able to make a full recovery from his sickness. Since then, she has transitioned from being an NFL sideline reporter for Amazon Prime video to her role as an ABC correspondent. Her vision appears to have returned to normal at this point, and she is stunning on the screen.

Naturally, Hartung was born with brown eyes that are a flawless complement to her hair hue. It is said that she is one of the most beautiful journalists in the United States.

The Responses of Fans to Kaylee Hartung’s Eye Makeup

Back in the year 2020, a number of Kaylee Hartung’s devoted followers took to Twitter and other forms of social media to discuss the actress’s eye. Additionally, a number of her images were used to create memes. On the other hand, the vast majority of the feedback that her followers posted consisted of get-well messages.

Unfortunately, Kaylee’s eye was afflicted by the global epidemic of the Covid-19 virus. She even went so far as to make an appearance on Good Morning America to talk about her symptoms, claiming that she was suffering from a headache in the middle of her eyes because of her admirers’ insatiable interest. She was able to get well over time and return to her job.



It’s interesting to note that if we search on Twitter, Kaylee’s fans recognised her eyes long before the social media platform existed. In 2015, one of her supporters tweeted the following: “I have no idea what it is about Kaylee Hartung’s lazy eye that makes it so goddamn gorgeous, but it does. I’m aware it sounds odd.”

A similar sentiment was expressed by @madridistanole, who stated that “Kaylee Hartung is extremely hot…lazy eye and all.”

Another user commented, “Kaylee Hartung is a good-looking girl; yet, throughout that interview with Ken Hill, she was unable to open her left eye.”

Is Kaylee Hartung Currently in a Relationship? Information Regarding Her Spouse

Kaylee Hartung was previously romantically involved with Tim Tebow, an American football player who spent three seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as a quarterback for teams such as the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets.

Between the years of 2012 and 2017, Kaylee worked for ESPN, which brought the two of them closer together. When Tim also began working in the studio, many rumours began to circulate about the two of them. They ended up becoming close friends, and in 2017, Kaylee showed her support for Tim by attending a charity event called the Foundation Celebrity Gala & Golf Classic. They appeared in photographs taken at the event as a result.

In 2015, after Tim published some photographs of himself with Hartung, rumours began to spread on the internet. However, a journalist debunked the rumour by noting that Tim was more like a brother to her than a boyfriend.

In spite of this, very little is known about Kaylee’s past relationships, despite the fact that there were whispers that she once had a girlfriend.

In 2013, Kaylee made a public declaration that the only person she would date would be someone who shared her enthusiasm for sports. She places a high priority on how she appears to others. Therefore, the key to winning her favour is to always present a polished appearance.

Kaylee Hartung’s Bio & Career Details

In the year 2022, Kaylee Hartung will turn 36 years old. She was born on November 7th, 1985 in the city of Baton Rouge, which is located in the state of Louisiana.

Washington and Lee University in Virginia awarded Hartung with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and politics from the university.

The woman who was born and raised in Louisiana got her start in journalism working as the assistant of the former Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer. As a result of her work as Schieffer’s assistant, she was offered a position with CBS News as a reporter for the daily Washington Unplugged broadcast as well as a featured correspondent for the Unplugged Under 40 programme.

The journalist, who is 36 years old, has worked in the past for CNN and ESPN, and he has also made contributions to the SEC Network. During her time working for ESPN, she was a member of a wide variety of live events and made frequent appearances on SportsCenter.

The newspaper, The Sun, claims that the reporter will soon be joining the NFL team and has more than ten years of experience working in broadcasting.

Kaylee Hartung’s Family

Kaylee Hartung has a unique connection with each and every member of her family. Joe Hartung is her father, and Julie Tucker is her mother. She is their daughter (mother).

Joe Hartung Sr., Hartung’s father, served in the United States Air Force during World War II as a pilot. Sadly, he lost suddenly in 1996 as a result of an accident that occurred during one of his performances in Lafayette. Hartung has not stopped thinking about her late father, and on the occasion of Joe’s 70th birthday, she paid him a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. Hartung was unable to spend much time with her father before he passed away.



She shared a picture from her younger years as the description for the photo on her Instagram account. This is what she wrote: “My dad would have turned 70 today, and I would have wanted nothing more than to have been there to help him celebrate. When someone you care about passes away, certain days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are more difficult to get through than others.”

“My father went away 25 years ago, but the older I become and the longer it has been since he’s been gone, the more I strive to take inspiration from him on these important days – to ensure that I’m living my life in a way that would make him pleased of how I’m carrying on his legacy. I’m putting forth a lot of effort, Dad. I love you.”

In addition to her father, Hartung has a strong relationship with her mother, Julie Tucker. Additionally, she has a brother by the name of Tyler Hartung, who is a social entrepreneur as well as a banker.

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The Estimated Net Worth of Kaylee Hartung in 2022

It is anticipated that Kaylee Hartung has a net worth that is in the millions.

According to reports, her annual compensation, which is said to include endorsement deals, falls anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000.

For her work alongside University of Texas Superfan Brandon Puente in developing the monthly Longhorn Extra for Women’s History, Hartung was awarded two Lone Star Emmys. These awards were in recognition of Hartung’s work.

Due to the quality of her reporting, the journalist has been awarded a number of accolades. In addition to her employment as a journalist, she participates in a number of social activities aimed at improving the lives of homeless children.

Kaylee Hartung
Kaylee Hartung

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Quick Facts About Kaylee Hartung

Real Name Kaylee Hartung
Age 36
Birthday November 7, 1985
Nationality American
Parents Joe Hartung(father) and Julie Tucker(mother)
Social Media @kayleehartung


Does Kaylee Hartung Have An Eye Injury?

Hartung does not have an eye injury, but in 2020, her eyes was affected after sufferng from Covid.

Is Kaylee Hartung married?

Hartung is currently not romantically involved with anyone and has never been married.

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