Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews: Dual Hybrid Imaging is available on the Lowrance Elite-5 HDI. The Downscan Imaging and Broadband Sounder technologies are combined in this system. These technologies provide anglers with a clear picture of the water column and all that is contained inside it. The new skimmer transducer features Broadband Sounder Technology, which makes it simple to track lure action and mark fish arches.

Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews

This can be done while Downscan Imaging provides lifelike views of the bottom and structure’s intricacies. The Downscan Overlay allows boaters to layer the Downscan Imaging system’s view over the Broadband Sounder for a superb image that clearly exposes and separates surrounding structures from fish targets. The overlay transparency of the Elite-5 HDI may also be readily changed and adjusted using the rotary knob. The TrackBack technology on this fishfinder allows fishermen to analyze fish targets, transitions, and structure by scrolling back through the recorded sonar history. Because the TrackBack technology can pinpoint places, anglers don’t have to circle back and repeat their steps.

The Chartplotter has a built-in GPS antenna as well as a thorough map of the United States with over 3,000 rivers and lakes, as well as coastal contours up to 1,000 feet. Anglers may now construct their own high resolution, custom contour vegetation and bottom hardness maps from the sonar data collected with this Chartplotter function using the new online Genesis map creation tool. The five-inch color display has great quality and a simple menu structure that allows you to quickly access all of the features. The Chartplotter, imaging, and sounder screens come in a variety of display options and configurations. Anglers can choose between a multi-window and a live chart and sonar display.

Hook 5 vs. Elite 5 HDI?

Lowrance kept all of the features of the 5 HDI fishfinder and bundled them into the Hook 3 DSI, which is a more user-friendly and advanced instrument. The Garmin EchoMAP 50s is a direct competitor to the Elite 5 HDI fishfinder from another manufacturer. However, unlike the HDI, it lacks 3D imaging. Elite 5 HDI will meet your needs if you are an accomplished recreational angler or a professional angler with modest experience. It may be placed on any size watercraft for fishing. The HDS-9 is a great choice if you want a fish finder that has everything but the kitchen sink.

Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews
Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews

The HDI 50/200 kHz Skimmer transducer is ideal for Great Lakes and coastal areas with deeper water. Inland fishing is best done with the HDI 83/200 kHz option. The HDI 50/200 kHz Broadband Sounder and the 83/200 kHz Broadband Sounder will reach depths of up to 2,500 and 1,000 feet, respectively. DownScan Imaging has a depth capability of up to 300 feet. A trolling motor flush mount and adapter kits, as well as a variety of bronze thru-hull HDI transducers, are among the possible transducer accessories. Starting in August 2013, authorized Lowrance distributors and dealers in Canada and the United States will be able to purchase the Elite-5 HDI series, which comes with a one-year limited warranty.

We started hunting for higher-end fish finders as we were ahead in our fishing game. But everything we saw felt excessively posh, and it was priced accordingly. So we made a list of our requirements and set out to discover a mid-range fish finder that could be utilized by both professional and expert leisure fishermen. That’s when the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI fishfinder came in handy. This is an all-around fish finder that we suggest to everyone because of its feature set’s middle-of-the-road appeal. This unit baits all its value for money with numerous surprises including the HDI and Navionics feature.


The HDI series features a unique feature that combines the advantages of DownScan and standard SONAR into one device. DownScan is primarily used to locate structure; it is ineffective at detecting individual fish. Traditional SONAR is a better option for this. With DownScan overlay, the Elite-5 HDI has bridged that gap – now you can see a single screen that shows the bottom and structure with DownScan images – so you can see every tree, rock, and submerged object for what it is – and it will also show suspended arches from traditional SONAR, which are most likely fish. This allows you to catch those stealthy fish lying deep inside cover that you wouldn’t be able to notice with a standard or DownScan SONAR.

Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews
Lowrance Elite 5 Hdi Reviews


Previously, you had to manually modify and alter the settings on your fish finder to achieve the best results. It was a trial and error approach. Advanced Signal Processing Technology on Lowrance Elite-5 HDI devices automatically analyses the readings it receives and modifies the SONAR settings so you can see fish, structure, and bottom with improved clarity. If you missed something, you can utilize the Trackback tool to go back into SONAR history and examine what was recorded. You can even build a waypoint using a trackback position, so you’re not guessing where that spot was. Because all of the keys are on one side, you may simply operate this device with one hand while keeping the other on the wheel or the motor.


The built-in GPS antenna will properly identify your location on the built-in US map, which contains over 3000 lakes and rivers with depth contours and coastline data, as well as coastal contours down to 1000 feet. Lowrance Lake Insight, Nautic Insight Pro, Navionics Gold, Hotmaps Premium, and Fishing Hotspots Pro are some of the other charting alternatives available.


Assume you live in a small town where the body of water you’re on lacks a precise map. You can make your own map with the Lowrance Insight Genesis! Simply activate SONAR recording to the memory card in your fish finder’s settings and criss-cross across the entire area you want to chart. When you’re finished, go to your computer, upload the maps into Lowrance’s Insight Genesis software, and wait for it to process the data. After that, you may save the newly processed maps to your memory card, put them into your fish finder, and you’re done! You have a map that includes detailed contours, vegetation, and the composition of the bottom.


Mounting is simple because there is only one transducer that has all four frequencies. You can even take out your existing transducer and replace it with this one, or you can mount it in line with it. If you’re intending to put this on a kayak or a plastic-hulled canoe, use a liberal amount of marine goop or silicone to mount the transducer within the hull on a level location. The fish finder device can be mounted on any tiny flat surface, such as the top of your dash, or a ram mount can be used to squeeze it into a tight location.


The Lowrance Elite-5 HDI’s big 5-inch screen also allows you to divide the screen into three panels, allowing you to view the charts, DownScan, and broadband SONAR all on one page, side by side. There are a variety of preset views available, including SONAR/GPS, SONAR/DownScan, frequency 1/frequency 2, and DownScan 1/DownScan 2. The perspectives are all pre-installed, and you may switch between them with a single button press.

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