Lustre Acne Treatment Review: So whether you’ve always battled acne or recently developed #maskne, LUSTRE ClearSkin’s light Therapy treatments can assist. And nothing tops the LUSTRE ClearSkin TRIO, which comes with three powerful blue light devices that start killing acne-causing bacteria as soon as you use them. The TRIO kit allows you to cure acne on any part of your body in approximately 20 minutes every day.

Lustre Acne Treatment Review


It took less than two weeks for several clients suffering from #maskne to see results from LUSTRE ClearSkin light treatment devices. Nurses love LUSTRE ClearSkin products because they are one of the only ways to properly (and naturally) cure problem skin after daily wearing PPE masks and suffering from “breakouts and sore skin”. Because the kit is portable and rechargeable, you won’t miss a day of treatment, allowing your skin to develop faster.

Evelyn volunteered to send me a Lustre Pure Light Pro to test for her. So, my name is Isobel and I am now in my second year of a Media and Visual Arts degree at Manchester University. I’m 22 and have been fighting acne since I was 14. I expected it to go away by my 20th birthday, but it’s still there, but not as awful as it was back then. I’m not proud to admit it, but acne has harmed my self-esteem and social life.

I get worried that people are judging me, that I’m ugly, or that I have bad hygiene. I know I shouldn’t care what others say, but I want to get rid of it so I can feel more comfortable in my own skin. Inquiring about reviewing an acne treatment kit, I was sent the Lustre Pure Light Pro by Evelyn. I’d never heard of this equipment before, so I looked it up.

Qu’est-ce que l’Luxure What is it?

The Lustre Pure Light Pro is a home-based blue light treatment device for treating acne. It uses harmless blue light from the visible range to kill the P.acnes bacterium that causes spots and acne. This treatment is clinically established and commonly advised by healthcare professionals to their acne-prone patients. My skin felt very sensitive and was a touch red after the treatment, but it quickly calmed down and returned to normal. It was followed by toner and moisturizer.

Use of Lustre Pure Light Pro

It was simple to set up the system and I followed the manual’s directions. The controller must be charged for 6 hours before usage. The controller can standby for 4 days or treat for 60 minutes once completely charged. The controller provides basic tasks like setting the time and date, as well as a security PIN. After that, I put an adhesive strip on each head and inserted them into the controller, which worked like USB ports. It instantly lit up in a bright, vivid blue light, like something from a Sci-Fi TV show!

I cleansed my face and dried it well before connecting the heads. I used the heads on my forehead, chin, and left lower cheek, where my acne is the worse. I sat back, relaxed, and waited for my treatment. The controller displays the time. My only sensation during the therapy was a pleasant, slightly warmer sensation. I carefully removed the therapy heads which, because of the adhesive strips, tugged on my skin after the treatment time. I threw out the strips, cleaned and dried the therapy heads, and put everything back in the box till the next day.

Lustre Acne Treatment Review
Lustre Acne Treatment Review

Frequently Used

The manual suggests using this for 20 minutes per day for 12 weeks, so I did. It is a revolutionary wireless acne treatment device. It combines powerful blue light technology in a mobile gadget to treat acne on the go. The single kills microorganisms beneath the skin. Porphyrin is a nontoxic substance produced by P. acnes. Porphyrins are stimulated when safe natural visible blue light at 415 nm is shone on the skin, killing microorganisms. When Porphyrins get agitated, they bind to the bacteria and start killing it. The blue light helps minimize P. acnes growth and prevents new spots from appearing.

The LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo is a clinically validated acne treatment that gives 100% pure light that works from day one. This simple, hands-free device gives a daily 20-minute treatment that fits around your schedule and shows results in only one week. After the gadget shuts off, remove the glue and repeat the process. Porphyrins are naturally occurring chemicals that break down when exposed to blue light, releasing singlets of oxygen. Ambicare was produced by highly qualified individuals who created an acne treatment that delivers comfort, health, and safety when treating acne or problem skin.

Ambicare, the creator of LUSTRE, is a professionally established light source that helps treat skin disorders like melanoma and acne. Ambicare’s proprietary platform technology allows users to ‘wear’ the light delivery device, allowing for safe and convenient therapy. In just one week, this simple, hands-free gadget gives a daily 20-minute treatment that fits your schedule. Once the device has been turned off, remove the adhesive and repeat. Porphyrins are natural chemicals that break down when exposed to blue light, generating oxygen singlets that kill acne bacteria.

Lustre Solo (£79)

“They’re pitching this as a treatment on the go, but when it’s on your face it looks like a computer mouse,” adds TheChicGeek. You may not want others to see this, but you are not hindered by it. You stick the Lustre Solo to your face with the simple sticky strips. After 30 treatments, the strips are £16 for 60 new ones. I wasn’t sure if you left it in one spot for 20 minutes or moved it about the trouble regions. Nothing was said. Ambicare was developed by highly skilled experts who devised an acne treatment that delivers comfort, health, and safety when treating acne or problem skin.

Readers’ Contribution

Just use the coupon code TRIOAVENUE15 at checkout to get an amazing 10% discount on LUSTRE Clearskin TRIO! – Offer ends on November 30th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Visit for more information on Blue Light Acne Therapy and to find out which LUSTRE ClearSkin device and accessories are ideal for you! Luster ClearSkin Blue Light was created by two university lecturers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The idea was to help people with mild to moderate acne. Healthcare professionals, hospitals, and skin clinics have utilized Luster ClearSkin for years.


True, for the first 4 or 5 weeks I didn’t see much of a change. After the 6th or 7th week, something in my skin seemed to shift and I started to see a difference. With time, the acne on my chin became less red and ‘angry,’ and the same happened on my lower left cheek and forehead. It hasn’t gone away, but it is looking better and the inflammation is decreasing. My acne does occasionally “flare up,” but I haven’t had one in the last 12 weeks, which is the largest change I’ve noticed since using the Lustre Pure Light Pro. I’ll keep using it and hope my acne is gone forever! Thank you Evelyn for letting me try this!

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