Mika Rotunda

Mike Rotunda is a sister who belongs to Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Mike Rotunda is a radio talk broadcaster.

In the world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the Rotunda family needs no introduction at all. They have been there since the beginning.

Her father, the great Lawrence Michael Rotunda, better known by his stage name Mike Rotunda, is the inspiration for her stage name, Mika Rotunda. She is her father’s only child, as well as his only daughter, and the only child overall.

Mika Rotunda

Mika Rotunda

Quick Facts on Mika Rotunda

Full Name Mika Rotunda
Birthday August 2
Father Lawrence Michael Rotunda
Brothers Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas
WWE Beginnings As a ring announcer
Current WWE Work Production of WrestleMania 33

Work Being Done Right Now by WWE on the Production of WrestleMania 33

From 1980 until 2004, Mike won fans’ hearts while competing in professional wrestling. In 2004, he resigned from the sport and passed the wrestling industry on to his two kids, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas both maintain careers in the profession at the present time.

Mika Rotunda is well known in the business for her work as a blogger, fitness fanatic, media personality, and film producer. She has made a name for herself.

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How Old Is Mika Rotunda?

The celebration of Mika Rotunda’s birthday takes place every year on the second of August. The year in which she was born, however, has not been made public at this time.

When Mika was a small child, she had the unique opportunity to observe her father train for fights, which made for an interesting upbringing for her.

After finishing her elementary education, the future star of the media decided to participate in the vocational program at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. There, she received training in the fundamentals of radio and television broadcasting. Mika did not waste any time after obtaining the necessary credentials before launching her career in the media; she got started right away.

Mike Began Her Broadcasting Career With A Local TV Station

While Mika Rotunda was still a student in 2012, she obtained significant experience in the broadcasting sector by working as a production assistant for a regional television station. In this role, she was responsible for assisting with the recording and editing of television programs.

Throughout the years that followed, Mika Rotunda was a part of a few different independent film production endeavors. The former student at Connecticut School found work as a production assistant for the show Jannus Live at a television station located in Florida shortly after she graduated from that institution in the year 2012. Since 2012, she has worked there in that capacity.

Once she got proficient in software such as Adobe Suite and learned the art of production, she would be able to find work in the filmmaking and video editing industries. She might even be able to land a couple of jobs.

A number of bands, including Cage the Elephants, Dropkick Murphys, and Dirty Heads, all benefited from Mika Rotunda’s talents prior to his employment at WTOG TV – CW44. She worked in the film production department at WTOG TV – CW44 after being hired there. Her primary responsibilities included the development of ads and commercials.

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Mika Shifted Her Professional Services To Radio In 2015

By the year 2015, the media personality had moved her professional career to a radio station that was owned by CS Media Group. There, she eventually became an on-air radio personality at the radio station.

Soon after that, she started working as a co-host on the radio show Drew Garabo Live, which was presented by Drew Garabo and debuted on Bone 102.5 FM in March 2017; the show was hosted by Drew Garabo.

Within the greater Tampa Bay area, the radio station has earned a solid reputation for being among the top options available. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you might see Mika’s show if it airs in your area.

In addition to her tasks as a host, Mika Rotunda fulfills extra responsibilities, such as attending events as a spokesperson of the station or simply carrying out her responsibilities as a master of ceremonies (MC).

In 2017, she made the switch to the related company Cox Communications, and by July of that same year, she had been promoted to the position of account executive.

Mika Rotunda Is A Part Of WWE Too

The year 2015 saw Mika Rotunda’s introduction to WWE, during which she made her first appearances in the business in the role of ring announcer.

It is apparent that she derives a great deal of joy and contentment from seeing her brothers perform in a variety of sports despite the fact that she has been working for WWE’s production unit since April 2017, and it is also apparent that she has been working for WWE’s production unit.

She is currently working behind the scenes on the development of WrestleMania 33, and she is also continuing to work on her other programs despite being quite busy with the WWE.

Mika has amassed quite a bit of wealth in her line of work and has been extremely active and well-liked on social media, particularly on her YouTube channel called Next2NextMika, where she discusses topics related to nutrition, physical fitness, and exercise routines. Mika’s channel has received a lot of views and subscribers.

She does not post very frequently, but once every few months she will update her profile with a video she has made herself. On Twitter, she is followed by a sizeable number of people that numbers in the thousands.

Mika’s Father Is Legendary Mike Rotunda

Mike Rotunda is the doting father of the gorgeous on-air personality. He beams with pride.

During his stint in the WWE, he established himself as a strong opponent inside the wrestling ring. Between the years 1980 and the early 2000s, he was one of the wrestling stars who kept the audience interested and received a lot of honors as a result of his efforts. He retired in the early 2000s.

Mike’s birthday is March 30th, and he was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1958. He received his diploma from Newark Valley High School in New York, which is located in New York. Mike wrestled in the amateur ranks during his senior year of high school, when he was a student.

In 1976, he competed in the New York State Championships and won the 215-pound weight class. He also finished in fourth place overall. Prior to commencing his career as a professional wrestler, he wrestled for Syracuse University, where he was a member of the college wrestling team.

Blogger, fitness enthusiast, media personality, and film producer Mika Rotunda

Blogger, fitness enthusiast, media personality, and film producer Mika Rotunda

Some FAQs

Who is Mika Rotunda?

Mika Rotunda is her father, the famed wrestler Lawrence Mike Rotunda’s only child and only daughter.

How old is Mika Rotunda?

Mika’s precise birth year has not been disclosed; however, we do know that she celebrates her birthday on August 2nd.

Who are Mika Rotunda’s brothers?

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are Mika’s brothers. Mika is their sister. Her two brothers are both professional wrestlers for WWE.

Is Mika a part of WWE?

In 2015, Mika began her career with WWE working in the ring as an announcer. During this time, she is contributing to the production of WrestleMania 33 by working backstage.

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