Prep Deck Reviews: A recipe preparation and storage station with eight essential tools as well as a cutting board and 15 Tritan plastic containers with air-tight lids as well as a scrap collector that is microwave and dishwasher safe is included in the Prepdeck set. Mastering the art of meal preparation is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. Prepdeck’s ultimate prepping station will help you to streamline your preparations.

Prep Deck Reviews

QUICKER, EASIER, AND WITHOUT MESS: Why spend your time slaving over food preparation activities when you could be having fun with them? Make a meal instead of a shambles. We provided eight kitchen basics to make the procedure easier and faster, including a zester, juicer, grater, slicer, peeler, green-stripper, bottle opener, and garlic grater, among other things. In order to provide you with more control and 100 percent spic n’ span action, each tool clips onto the containers that are included. This allows you to genuinely enjoy all of the cutting and dicing.

A messy countertop can contribute to culinary aggravation as well as dishes that don’t taste as wonderful as they could. Make your life easier by using a prep kit that is simplified and streamlined. This set puts those eight useful tools within close reach while arranging prepped vegetables and other items in four sizes of shatter-proof Tritan Plastic containers. There will be no chaos, no clutter, and no catch. Simply put, better kitchen utensils. This premium set includes everything you need to expedite chopping, grating, peeling, and more:

Bring the Pleasure of Cooking in Your Life

That is the driving idea that we follow. It might be difficult to stay organized in the kitchen when you are cooking for one person or for a large group of people. We aim to assist you in cooking more and enjoying even more delectable meals with the people you care about. Don’t make a mess, instead make a meal. You can easily prepare all of your items and follow your favorite recipes with the help of Prepdeck, which provides you with the organizational tools to do so.

Prep Deck Reviews
Prep Deck Reviews

MINIMIZE THE MESS: When things are this well-organized, cleanup is a breeze. It is a one-of-a-kind and convenient scrap bin that catches and contains food scraps and slides out easily, making disposal quick and simple. In addition, each piece of this set is top-rack dishwasher safe, so you can chop, scrape, and enjoy that freshly-prepared meal with your family without having to worry about the dishes!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We understand that you don’t have time to waste looking for kitchen products that will make your life easier. So we took care of everything for you––and we made them super sleek and attractive in the process. If you are not totally pleased with our Recipe Prep Kit & Storage Station, just notify us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund, without any questions asked.

The Prepdeck Company’s Brand Story

Why Should You Use Prepdeck?

Prepdeck brings chef-approved mise en place practices to your kitchen, allowing you to prepare ahead of time and cook in a stress-free setting. Reduce the amount of time you spend preparing meals by half! Enjoy the freedom that comes with following a well-organized culinary process.

Prep Deck Reviews

Say goodbye to an untidy, cluttered, and unpleasant food preparation session. In order to prepare ahead of time, keep organized, and enjoy a stress-free cooking environment, Prepdeck introduces chef-approved mise en place practices to the home cook community. Using Prepdeck, you can streamline best practices for the home cook, allowing you to enjoy every moment in the kitchen! Your Entire Kitchen Contained Within A Single Sleek Unit

Prep Deck Reviews
Prep Deck Reviews

What’s Included in the Box

Organizing under the kitchen sink with furniture and storage box organizers, as well as a magnetic fridge pantry. This is your base of operations. Your Meal Preparation Mission Control is efficient with its storage, with 8 tools and 15 containers housed in the unit, as well as additional storage space. All of the measurements, preparation and storage are done in one unit. Keep your workspace neat and orderly by brushing cutoffs into the detachable drawer. Organizing under the kitchen sink with furniture and storage box organizers, as well as a magnetic fridge pantry

15 Containers for Keeping Everything Safe

Prepare your food in one of four different container sizes, each having to measure indications in cups, ounces, and millimeters to help you along the way. All of the containers, which were created for meal prep and menu planning, are stackable, allowing you to conserve essential fridge space. Our containers are safe to use in the microwave and on the top rack of the dishwasher. Kitchen sink arrangement furniture and storage box organizer fridge pantry refrigerator pantry

On the other end is a waste compartment/drawer that you can slide things into as you use the cutting board, which you can then pull out and dump into a bin as needed. Adding accessories to the prep station, such as the tablet/phone stand for reading recipes while working, additional cutting boards for customizing the exterior of your Prepdeck, and XL food containers for larger meal prep jobs, makes the prep station an even more impressive feat of thoughtful design.

Cutting Board with Magnets

In addition to providing 21.4 x 12 inches of shopping space, the chopping board also serves as a stylish cover for the unit. Allows for more efficient and well-organized preparation time. Easy to clean because it is magnetic, versatile, and removable. Organizing under the kitchen sink with furniture and storage box organizers, as well as a magnetic fridge pantry

Prep Deck Reviews
Prep Deck Reviews

8 Preparation Instruments That Attach to the Containers

Within the device, there is eight BPA-free preparing equipment stored in a dedicated drawer. Prepdeck features a grater, zester, slicer, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, and bottle opener, among other things. It is available in black or white. All equipment is securely attached to containers, allowing you to measure and prep with pinpoint accuracy.

Preparation Station for Meals on the Prepdeck

If there’s one thing my wife will tell you about how I operate in the kitchen, it’s that I’m obsessively organized, almost to the point of being aggravating, with my tools and supplies. Something about things not being in their proper place just annoys me to no end. I have a system in place. The Prepdeck was designed just for those like myself. With nearly a year of crowdfunding support on Indiegogo, it’s a complete meal prep station that consolidates a kitchen’s worth of prepping tools and accessories into a single compact, adjustable organization system.

It’s essentially pre-assembled furniture that you may purchase. As previously stated, the magnetic enclosure that covers the front and top of the unit unfolds to show a removable cutting board surface in the front, as well as a shelf full of lidded containers of various sizes where you can sort and measure all of your recipe ingredients before cooking. Hidden on the left side is an accessory drawer that stores a series of additional container lids that double as a juicer, a zester, a grater, a mandoline slicer, and a 4-in-1 peeler.

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