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The Monsters Association storyline of the One Punch Man manga has now been finished after seven years. Fans are now anticipating the new Psychic Sisters storyline, which will feature many exciting occurrences. It can also be argued, based on chapter 171, that Murata sensei is doing a good job of faithfully adapting the webcomic made by ONE sensei. One Punch Man devotees are aware that Murata sensei posts daily updates on Twitter about his latest endeavors, which frequently cover the development of the manga as well. Check Chapter 172 release date and other details in the article.

One Punch Man Chapter 172

Fans of One Punch Man can anticipate that Saitama will once more be the main character in the future chapter. An envoy will go with Fubuki as she makes her way to the location of Psykos’ captivity. A few humorous interactions between Black Sperm and Saitama are also to be anticipated by readers, as the former will nag the Caped Baldy to let it stay with him.

One Punch Man Chapter 172 Release Date

When they arrive at Saitama’s home, the security system Dr. Bofoi built is activated because it recognizes Rover and Black Sperm. Saitama concentrates on killing the entire thing while not understanding what sparked it. Saitama lies to the Heroes Association personnel when they confront him about his conduct, saying that the robots blew up on their own. Three A-class heroes could be seen outside Saitama’s home at the beginning of the chapter.

They intended to terrify the new hero who lived nearby. They were astonished to see the individual who emerged from the residence after ringing the doorbell and yelling at the occupant for failing to open it. King entered via that door since he wanted to pay Saitama a visit at his new residence. When the S-class hero casually emerged from their new neighbor’s home, the A-class heroes were startled and startled. A Heroes Association employee and Air, another A-class hero, were assigned the mission of finding and bringing back Pig God, an S-class hero.

The fact that Black Sperm was one of the few monsters to survive the battle in the previous chapters startled the audience. One Punch Man Chapter 172 will be released on October 20, 2022, according to the mangaka’s tweet. At midnight JST, the chapter’s original edition is posted online. The release of the English translation of the chapter will take a few more hours for those who need translations. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.

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