Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss: For the return of EastEnders, Letitia Dean’s character Sharon Watts unveils a weight loss and glam makeover. Sharon Watts’ fresh look as she returned to Albert Square on Wednesday, March 23rd, wowed EastEnders viewers. Sharon Watts, the Fictional character from EastEnders played by Letitia Dean, has returned looking years younger and more blonde and tanned than ever.

Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss

Weight Loss Reasons for Sharon Watts in EastEnders

Sharon’s followers have been congratulating her on her new look and praising her for her wonderful new slimmed-down body on Twitter. Sharon Watts, the fictional character from EastEnders, has clearly shed some pounds and looks stunning when she returned to Albert Square following a trip to the glam squad. After being away for a few weeks, Sharon admitted that she had a makeover during the show, saying, “I have been pampered, polished, and plucked.” The causes for Watts’ weight loss have yet to be revealed, however, it is safe to assume that the character has not undergone any weight loss surgery.

With her new energetic appearance, Sharon’s admirers have grown to like her even more. “Sharon is a tiny Queen and looks newborn!” one fan tweeted. EastEnders actress Letitia Dean appeared thinner during her character’s reappearance on Wednesday night. Fans of EastEnders were taken aback when the character reappeared looking stunning and glammed up. Dean, who portrays the popular character, had undergone various modifications to her appearance, the most visible of which was her hair and weight.

I’m not sure if it’s the diet or the gym, but Letitia Dean looks great. She’s lost years. #Sharon #EastEnders #LetitiaDean #weightloss #Sharon #EastEnders #LetitiaDean #weightloss Dean’s hair is much blonder than it was previously, and he appears to be tanned more than before. When it comes to weight, she has lost a significant amount of weight and appears to be a lot smaller than before. Dean began to feel more relaxed and at ease in her own skin in her 30s, and she was less concerned about public attention than she had been as a teenager.

What Was Letitia Dean’s Weight Loss?

Looking at her recent photos, Letitia Dean has lost a significant amount of weight. The actual number of pounds lost by the actress is unknown. According to Wikipedia, the actress’ confidence was affected as a result of her continual exposure to the media, as well as her back problems, which caused her to have a breast reduction in her teens. ‘Skinny Queen!’ – EastEnders’ Letitia Dean presents a leaner figure after her second weight loss ‘EastEnders’ Letitia Dean debuts a smaller figure after her second weight loss

Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss

Sharon Watts (also Rickman, Mitchell, and Beale) is a fictional character played by Letitia Dean in the BBC One serial series EastEnders. Sharon is one of the original EastEnders characters created by Tony Holland and Julia Smith. She made her first appearance as the adolescent adoptive daughter of pub landlords Den (Leslie Grantham) and Angie Watts in the inaugural episode, which aired on February 19, 1985. (Anita Dobson). Because she became the landlady of The Queen Victoria public house in the 1990s, and because of her love relationships with brothers Grant (Ross Kemp) and Phil Mitchell, the character became well-known (Steve McFadden).

Sharon, who is married to Grant, has an affair with Phil, which climaxed in 1994 with Grant’s discovery of the affair, which is still one of EastEnders’ most-watched episodes – the storyline was reinvented in 2018 when Sharon began an affair with Phil’s young employee, Keanu Taylor, in a storyline dubbed Sharongate (Danny Walters). In 2020, the Daily Mirror rated her the best EastEnders character of all time. Dean left the post after ten years in 1995, and Sharon left following the dissolution of her marriage. Producer John Yorke reintroduced Sharon in May 2001.


For her work as Sharon Watts, Letitia Dean (pictured) has been nominated for a number of prizes. Inside Soap gave her an “Outstanding Achievement Award” in 2005. Sharon has been named one of EastEnders’ “most popular” characters. In 2010, television reviewer Matt Bayliss, who used to write EastEnders storylines, stated that what made Sharon an intriguing, classic female character was that her psychology was exposed; viewers could see how her unhappy past contributed to her blunders and low self-esteem later in life.

Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss
Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss

The Sunday Mirror reported in December 2004 that executive producer Kathleen Hutchison offered Dean a pay raise from £150,000 to £300,000 per year to persuade her to stay on the program, making her one of the top paid actresses in British soap opera. Sharon, who was on leave from EastEnders at the time, was chosen as the character that fans most wished to see back in a 2007 poll conducted by Inside Soap. One-third of fans nominated Sharon’s reappearance in 2001 as their favorite in an NTL poll in 2003, while in a Radio Times poll of over 5,000 people in 2004, 21% chose Sharon as the soap character they were most delighted to see a return.

Sharon’s most recent appearance on the show included an aborted engagement to Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), battling a painkiller addiction, a reunion and tumultuous marriage to Phil, being attacked in her own bar, meeting her biological father Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas), and her affair with Keanu, which sparked the events of the character having a late-in-life pregnancy; being blackmailed by her business partner Mel Owen and Dean left the program in late 2004, with the character departing on December 25, 2004, before returning in June 2005 for one episode to commemorate the show’s 20th anniversary and Den’s departure.

In Contemporary Culture

Sharon’s character was parodied in the ITV cartoon sketch show 2DTV, where she was compared to Jim Henson’s Muppet Miss Piggy in one sketch. The role has also been parodied by Ronni Ancona, a Scottish impressionist, in the BBC’s Big Impression. Sharon’s pronunciation was criticized by Ancona’s impersonation, which implied that she pouts a lot and seems improperly dubbed since her lips tremble after delivering a phrase. Sharon appeared in the segments that aired on the show’s Christmas Day special in 2001.

Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss
Sharon Watts Eastenders Weight Loss

The BBC comedy sketch show The Real McCoy parodied the character as well. A spoof version of EastEnders was featured in one of the show’s regular routines, with black and Asian comedians taking on the roles of well-known EastEnders characters who frequented a tavern named Rub-a-Dub. Sharon was performed by actress and comedian Meera Syal in the sketches. In the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent, impressionist Francine Lewis did a Sharon Watts impression. Dean left the company in January 2006.

Sharon’s second stint included a feud with Phil and Grant’s mother Peggy (Barbara Windsor); the return of Sharon’s father Den, who was thought to be long dead, bonding with his second wife Chrissie until it was revealed that she killed Den in retaliation for his affair with her friend Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan); and a forbidden relationship-turned-marriage with her adopted half-brother Dennis Rickman. However, executive producer Bryan Kirkwood reintroduced her in 2012, and she made her on-screen debut on August 13, 2012, in a special week of episodes.

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