Socket Rocket Reviews: My go-to swimming practice goggles are the TYR Socket Rockets. A brief look at these naughty ones. When it comes to swimming, Goggles are everything. Additionally, we have a slew of illogical (but not entirely unwarranted) fears of them rupturing or leaking at the most inopportune moment. The TYR Socket Rocket has been my go-to training goggle for a while now.

Socket Rocket Reviews

For the most part, the reasons are straightforward: They are comfortable, they look good, and they’re functional. These are some of the reasons why my chlorinated socks love the TYR Socket Rocket goggles: Firstly, the lens is incredibly sharp and clear. Mirrored and darker-colored goggles have an issue when it comes to visibility in less-lit swimming pools. When the anti-fog eventually wears off, this issue will be even more apparent. When you put on a pair of Socket Rockets, the first thing you’ll notice is how clear the lens is.

Socket Rockets in their current configuration

a state of ease. Competitive swimmers love using Swedish goggles. Swedish goggles have a few drawbacks, the most notable of which is that their lenses are made of hard plastic, which can irritate the skin on your face after long periods of wear. With a rubberized socket, the Socket Rocket rests softly on your cheek. It gives you the look of a professional swimmer without the soreness of a sore face. In addition to preventing leaks, the rubberized seal aids.

They’re ready to use right out of the box. It’s also a common gripe about Swedish goggles that they’re not constructed. The TYR Socket Rockets aren’t a big thing, but if you don’t like the notion of spending 20 minutes putting goggles together, then these are for you. Just adjust the nose and head straps to your preference, and you’re ready to go.

It’s Excellent for Snorkeling

One of the more popular items in swim bags is the swim snorkel. Because of this, they’re a terrific way to keep your head down while swimming and to keep your muscles in a more balanced state. The Socket Rockets make it simple to see ‘above’ you when you’re swimming face down in the water, which is relevant. Speedo Vanquisher goggles, for example, have a narrow field of view, making snorkel use a little more dangerous when you don’t know the other swimmers in your lane.

They are available in a wide range of hues. Many hues are available, including black strapped Socket Rockets with mirrored lenses and white Socket Rockets with a near-clear lens, making them ideal for darker pools (they are my go-to for the aforementioned YMCA pool). The Socket Rockets feature a color combination to suit your needs, whether you’re swimming in the dark or need to protect your eyes from the light. For both training and racing, it’s ideal. When it comes to competitive swimming, ultra-low-profile goggles have become the norm, yet the TYR Socket Rockets are tough enough to practice in while simultaneously being ultra-low-profile.

TYR Socket Rockets: Where to Buy

The TRY Socket Rockets are available for purchase at in a variety of colors. Based on the color of the lenses, they cost between $10 and $30. The Socket Rockets are quick and tough enough for practice and competition pools, but you can always spend a little more money on swim goggles for racing.

Socket Rocket Reviews
Socket Rocket Reviews

The Following Are Some Other Resources For Gear:

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Swimming Goggles. We’ve got you covered on everything from the history of swim goggles to a rundown of some of the most popular models for competition and training. Review of Swedish Goggles as Equipment. Every competitive swimmer relies on the Swedish goggle as their go-to goggle. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this goggle that has been around for decades.

Is it compatible with my car?

The Socket Rocket is compatible with any vehicle equipped with a functional FM radio, cigarette lighter socket, and car speakers. We’ve installed these in hundreds of clients’ vehicles, and they’ve been thrilled with the results! Truck compatibility is also possible (up to 24V vehicles). Not at all! Getting started usually takes 1-2 minutes. It’s a breeze to put up in a car. Setup is simple with our online or in-box instructions!

How does it all go down, exactly?

The Socket Rocket connects to the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle. Using your phone’s Bluetooth settings, connect the Socket Rocket to your phone. Tune your FM radio to the same station as the Rocket. Turn up the volume and enjoy your favorite tunes – no cables required! – once the project is complete. Using a standard FM radio station, such as B105.3FM, will negatively impact your listening experience with the Socket Rocket. Use a different FM frequency, such as 88.5 or 88.3.

Why should I buy it?

Any Bluetooth-enabled device (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, iPad) can be used to stream/play any audio, music, or phone calls to your automobile. As if you were listening to the radio, the audio plays over the speakers in your vehicle. The best part is that there are no wires involved. Bluetooth is used to connect the Socket Rocket to a Bluetooth-enabled device. Using a USB/Micro SD card, you can also charge two devices at the same time and play music.

Full Features:

  • High-quality and crisp Bluetooth music
  • Press the green call button to pick up incoming calls
  • Super easy to use, manual included
  • Two bonus USB slots to charge your phone
  • Capable of playing music off Micro SD/USB
  • Built-in microphone to talk to your friends

Are phone calls allowed?

You can, without a doubt! To answer incoming calls, simply tap the green call button on your phone’s handset. Speaking with friends and family will be a breeze because of the Socket Rocket’s integrated microphone on the front left. When you’re not driving, you can dial on your phone or utilize Siri/Hey Google to begin a phone call.

Socket Rocket Reviews
Socket Rocket Reviews

Is it possible to use Spotify or Apple Music?

And there’s even more! Bluetooth means that everything you’re listening to on your phone will be streamed to your car sound. All of these services are included here, including Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. You may even use a USB or a Micro SD card to store and play music. Plug into the correct USB port and make sure your USB is FAT32 formatted to play over the USB.

Can I charge my phone?

Absolutely! The Socket Rocket contains two USB ports. You can also plug a USB with music on it into the right USB port. No more running out of battery! See USB specs below.

How excellent is the audio quality?

Fantastically crisp and clear! Our customers love it. It’s very important to make sure you follow our instruction booklet attentively to make sure you receive the greatest results with the Socket Rocket. The Socket Rocket fits into most cars simply, because it is relatively compact. To guarantee it fits in your car, examine the dimensions below: Dimensions: 40mmx40mmx74mm

What’s the shipping time like?

We don’t ship from China, therefore expect better shipping times. We are an Australian-operated and shipped-from business. All orders are fulfilled from Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Visit our Shipping page or the main page for full shipping times.

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