Vegepod Review: I love growing vegetables, it’s a very wonderful, soul-enriching experience to grow your own food! Sadly an increasing number of folks are without the posh of a Garden or allotment and have nowhere to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, or flowers; while an excellent many others struggle to garden in small, often paved spaces, with no access to the soil.

Vegepod Review

Earlier this year, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, I met the team from Vegepod, once I discovered their Vegepod container gardening system. I’m always looking to be ready to share more accessible ways to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers, so I used to be excited to undertake this raised bed, container growing system for myself. Vegepod has many benefits: The Vegepod may be a portable, raised container growing system. The Vegepod features an inbuilt cover, which protects your plants from pests, hail, and lightweight frosts. The Vegepod’s inbuilt water reservoir and misting system make watering easy; together they reduce or eliminate, the necessity to lift heavy watering cans. you’ll plug your hose into your Vegepod, set a timer on your hose, and water your Vegepod automatically.

Last spring, we added the Vegepod to our garden, and if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know all about it! My search for a wicking bed system began when I wanted to add more garden beds to our current setup while keeping things as low-maintenance as feasible. Vegepod, a pre-fabricated raised bed with a wicking/self-watering feature and more, piqued my interest when I first heard about it. After a few months with my first Vegepod, I decided to acquire another one for Christmas to help my grandmother with her garden. I’m so glad I took the chance. It’s been fantastic!

Watering and pest control are two of the most common issues that I and other gardeners face when it comes to successfully growing vegetables. These problems are addressed by the Vegepod. Anyone can set it up and use it right away, and it’s loaded with useful features.

VEGEPOD has the following features:

  • Self-watering due to a built-in wicking bed system that keeps the plants moist and eliminates the need for daily watering. Large rains will not cause flooding because of the drainage holes.
  • Possums, rats, butterflies, and other pests are discouraged from eating your plant’s thanks to the mesh cover.
  • Simple irrigation is possible thanks to a hose connection to the irrigation system’s built-in mister. Of course, you may simply hand-water it if necessary.
  • With the help of stands and trolleys, you may raise the garden bed to a comfortable height. On the carts, you can easily move them around your yard to follow the sun or change their location!
  • The company also sells spare parts and accessories so you may personalize your Vegepod or get replacement parts as needed.


I was able to set this up on my own without any help because of the large Vegepod. As a result, I spent most of my Saturday trying to level off our site, which was especially difficult given our lot’s slope. If you don’t have to do it, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. I placed my Vegepod mattress on top of my stand after putting it together. I found that building a stand first, then placing the Vegepod on top of it, was the best way to set up the Vegepod. Because of the video lessons on the company’s website, I was able to set up my Vegepod in no time.

Vegepod Review
Vegepod Review

The majority of the stand’s fasteners were nut and bolt. The Vegepod bed was simple to assemble, with the walls formed in a LEGO-like manner and the remainder of the setup being simple as well. Because it is so hefty, the massive Vegepod is the only one in the collection that does not feature a trolley platform with wheels. Both the small and medium Vegepods come with a trolley stand, which I highly recommend, but the large one provides the best value for money in terms of growth capacity.

I opted to pack my Vegepod with a variety of seasonal goodies because Melbourne is in the midst of its summer season. Because I knew the canopy would shelter the Vegepod from annoying insects like butterflies and caterpillars, I planted a lettuce/salad mix in front of it.

Soil Selection for Vegetable Pods

Vegepod takes the uncertainty out of such decisions by specifying how many liters of soil are required for each bed and offering suggestions for what to fill it with. Vegepod recommends a premium potting mix blended with cow manure and perlite for the large Vegepod. In the big Vegepod, I used 250L Premium Potting Mix, 100L Cow Manure, and 100L Perlite, as per one of their recommended soil formulations. As I filled the Vegepod one piece at a time, I blended these together by hand. When handling these products, remember to wear a face mask for safety and dust protection.

It’s what my Vegepod is full of.

My strawberry patch was about a sixth of the Vegepod’s size. I grew a determinate tomato, celery, capsicum, and eggplant in the far rear for later harvests. I also stuffed basil into every nook and cranny I could think of. The first time I planted my Vegepod, it looked like this – some seeds, some baby seedlings, as you can see in the photo. I like not having to worry about my strawberries being eaten before we receive them, about picking caterpillars off of my salad leaves, or about my capsicums bolting when I plant them in the Vegepod. Since we’ve been harvesting the Vegepod nonstop for weeks, there have been some quite enormous strawberries (I think the improved water supply from the self-watering feature must definitely have something to do with this).

I purchased the medium Vegepod at the perfect Home Show. As a fanatical gardener, the thought of using the Vegepod to grow my vegetables was irresistibly appealing! He gave me tons of useful advice that I can not wait to use with my Vegepod. I will be able to definitely recommend this product!
Absolutely fantastic company to deal with! As previously mentioned, I received a second Vegepod as a Christmas present from my family. My winter gardening wish list includes a cut-and-come-again bed of spinach and salad mix, as well as a second bedroom full of cut-and-come-again Asian greens.


I’ve had a lot of fun with my Vegepod thus far. Its wicking / self-watering technology keeps the plants in it moist and prevents them from drying out. One of my favorite aspects of owning one is that it does not require as much watering and that its umbrella keeps everything secure. Vegepods come in three distinct sizes to choose from (small 50cm x 100cm, medium 100cm, and huge 200cm). If you’re thinking about buying a Vegepod, here’s some advice: If you have a lot of space, know exactly where you want to put it, and expect to grow a lot of massive stuff, the big bed is an excellent alternative. If you really must relocate them, simply empty the dirt onto a sheet of plastic and move them!

If you have a large room but want your beds to be easy to move, you can get wheels for a variety of medium beds. Because they are small enough to fit a range of settings, including balconies, tiny pods like the 50cm x 100cm pod is great for balconies and small courtyards. Vegepods can be used for a variety of things besides salad bars and herb gardens. You can also acquire greenhouse-like covers for it and use it as a little greenhouse, which is a fantastic idea.

I bought a double pod unit within the summer, having seen them at the Southport Flower Show.
Delivery was within a few days. Customer service is great, they’re very easy to talk to, both via telephone and e-mail. Very helpful and obliging, nothing is just too much for them – I needed a replacement part and it had been despatched the primary working day I would thoroughly recommend them!

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