Who Called the FBI on Teresa Giudice? Caroline Manzo Weighs In
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Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Caroline Manzo said she did not call the FBI on her former costar Teresa Giudice when she was indicted for fraud in 2013, though she claims she knows who made the call. Keep scrolling to find out who Caroline thinks turned Teresa in, learn about the arrest and more.

Why Was Teresa Giudice Arrested?

Teresa and her then-husband, Joe Giudice, were convicted of fraud in 2015. She served 11 months in prison and was released in December 2015, while Joe spent three years in prison before he was deported to his native Italy in March 2019.

Who Does Caroline Manzo Think Called the FBI on Teresa Giudice?

While discussing Teresa’s arrest during Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast on Thursday, May 18, Caroline said she knows who really called the FBI after she took responsibility.

“I know who did it,” she said about who turned the mother of four in. “PS, I was there.”

Lauren Manzo, Caroline’s daughter, added that they will “never say who it was.”

The Bravo star then noted that she saw all of the drama go down, though “took the fall” because she’s “not a [rat].”

“It’s not even about being a rat,” Caroline explained. “There’s this thing called collateral damage. So, when you say something, who’s going to hurt? Who is this going to hurt by saying this truth?”

She continued, “You can believe whatever you like about me. I know I never did — I could never do that. But if blaming me makes you feel better, OK, then your reality. It’s not going to change my day.”

Caroline also shared that she previously accepted responsibility for the call “to protect people that didn’t deserve the collateral damage and the fallout once it comes out.”

Why Do Fans Think Caroline Manzo Called the FBI on Teresa Giudice?

Teresa previously suggested that Caroline was the one who turned her and Joe in after the Let Me Tell You Something author predicted that they would have to serve time in prison.

“It’s just so sad, I guess because she’s lived that crooked life,” the longtime reality star said while appearing on Watch What Happens Live in 2019. “Like, I’ve never lived that crooked life and I guess she has and who she comes from, and where she came from.”

Who Called the FBI on RHONJ's Teresa Giudice? Caroline Manzo Weighs In And Denies Involvement

Teresa then wondered how Caroline could have so accurately guessed her and Joe’s legal troubles.

“How could she predict that? Could she have anything to do with what happened to Joe and I? Is she a rat?” she asked. “By her saying that, why did she say that? Why? Those words would never come out of my life regarding anybody. Maybe [she called the feds]. You never know. Why would she predict those words?”

Does Teresa Giudice Still Think Caroline Manzo Called the FBI on Her?

Teresa blamed another costar for turning her into the FBI during part 1 of the RHONJ season 13 reunion on May 30.

After her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga accused Teresa of using her and Joe Gorga as a storyline, the mother of four argued that she has provided several juicy storylines over the years.

After noting her arrest, Teresa pointed out that Melissa was friendly with her ex-husband’s former business partner at the time of the scandal.

“This is like [you saying] Caroline Manzo put you in jail,” Melissa responded about their former costar.

“No, I take that back,” Teresa fired back. “I think you did!”

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