Zeba Shoes Reviews: Zeba Shoes are a new type of shoe that I’ve never seen before while browsing FootwearNews.com, a site I visit frequently. As far as I know, it’s a shoe that can be put on and taken off in a flash. This might be a game-changer if it works as stated. Zeba Shoes may not be able to unseat Nike as the undisputed king of Sneakers, but I can easily see the company succeeding in the comfort/convenience market segment.

Zeba Shoes Reviews

Why is this the case?

After the foot is put into the shoe, the back of the shoe is said to be collapsible and truly pops back to its original position on its own. Shoelaces are included on the shoes themselves, allowing the wearer to fine-tune the fit. Hands-free shoes don’t seem to make sense at first, but it turns out that the laces aren’t really necessary after all. After that, you’ll be able to go in and out of the shoe without ever bending over. It’s absurd to have to recharge your shoes every night. I prefer Zeba’s hands-free sneaker approach. As seen in the video, it appears to work in a quite remarkable way.


11 men’s styles and six women’s styles with half sizes are presently available from Zeba. Aside from a lack of extra-wide / 4e sizes, the product appears to be ideal for overweight or elderly consumers, who typically have wider feet. In August 2019, they began taking pre-orders, so I expect they’ll be expanding their product line in the near future. For guys, I prefer the Arctic White look of the brand: What about the fashions for women? It’s hard for me to resist the allure of their Rose Gray. In contrast to my usual taste, which leans toward the ornate, these two designs were a refreshing departure.

What’s Best:

I like the idea of Zeba right away. This post is entirely based on what I’ve seen on their official website because I haven’t had a chance to try them on myself just yet. Anyone who has problems bending over due to old age, bad back, disease, or anything else should benefit greatly from these shoes. Slipping your sneakers on in a matter of seconds sounds like a time saver even if you don’t have any trouble bending over. Self-tying shoes have been tried by major firms like Nike to solve this problem, but they have a slew of drawbacks.

The Worst::

Prices start at $129.99 and go up to $159.99. In addition, I’d like to see how long they last. According to their official website, they have a 30-day return policy, and they also hope to sell on Amazon.com by Christmas.com has a great return policy. Seniors and others with disabilities can easily put on their shoes without having to use their hands. Shoes that don’t require a person’s hands to put them on are becoming more popular in the footwear business. ZEBA’s new line of sneakers features a unique lace-up design that can be worn as a slip-on, making it easier for the elderly and those with disabilities to get on and off.

It has been under development for three years and is based on stainless steel heel technology that allows the wearer to easily put their foot into the shoe without having to remove their footwear. Afterward, the heel folds back into its natural place. Laces only need to be tied once for a custom-fitting shoe Both Michael Zahabian and Omer Altay, both newbies to the shoe industry, say the technology is now patented in Europe, with patents pending in the U.S. and China, according to the founders. Zahabian said, “We built Zebas for everyone, but seniors and people with impairments rapidly became our most passionate fans.”

Zeba Shoes Reviews
Zeba Shoes Reviews

Kizik vs. Zeba Shoes: Which is better?

In 2022, the information will be updated

Both Zeba Shoes and Kizik are likely to be found on the internet if you search for shoes that don’t require you to bend over. It is possible to put on shoes without bending down with the help of either of these products. Which, however, is superior? What are the most significant variations? To me, it’s evident both items have a similar function, but their methods of accomplishing that job are quite different from one another. When I purchased a pair of shoes for myself, I found the Zeba Shoes to be far more comfortable than the Kiziks, which I had previously owned. This is simply my personal opinion. My Steel Navy Zeba Shoes are currently in my possession.

Onyx Zeba Shoes in Steel Onyx

The design of Zeba Shoes and Kizik differs significantly. It’s no secret that both Zeba Shoes and Kiziks look like conventional sneakers. In terms of visual appeal, the Kiziks are more visually appealing, but my Zebras are far comfier. Two different kinds of Kiziks and one kind of Zeba Shoes later, I’ve decided that my Zeba Shoes simply slide on better and feel more comfortable on my feet. The back of my foot was irritated after a few miles of walking in my Kiziks, whereas I walk 4-5 miles a day in my Zebras without any problems. The Kiziks, on the other hand, are more visually appealing. Personally? Because they put comfort and usability first, I much like my Zebas.

Amount (Winner: Kizik)

Most of Zeba Shoes’ styles are available for $139.99, with sizes 14 and 15 costing an additional $10 or $20. Instead, Kiziks are substantially less expensive, with the majority of varieties costing no more than $99. Kizik, on the other hand, has regular promotions on select styles that make them even more affordable, thus in terms of price, they win. That said, this is one of those cases in which the price is worth it, in my opinion. If you’re looking for long-term comfort, stick with Zeba Shoes. Even though the Kiziks are a little more expensive, they’ll work just as well for shorter walks and less walking. I’ll stick with Zeba.

Earlier in their Careers

Zahabian and Altay worked in the jewelry and real estate industries before launching Zeba. According to Altay, the two are constantly looking for new business opportunities and ended up working with Zeba. Pre-orders for the men’s and women’s footwear are currently available for $130 each. Deliveries are scheduled for September/October of this year, at the latest. Brands such as Kizik and Quikiks have each developed their own take on the concept of a laceless shoe. Additionally, ZeroTie, a shoelace-tightening system that relies on one’s leg and foot movement to tighten the shoelaces, is available from other brands.

Zeba Shoes Reviews
Zeba Shoes Reviews

A balance between practicality and comfort (Winner: Zeba)

For the past few weeks, I’ve alternated between wearing my Zeba shoes and my Kiziks, and I’ve found that my Zebas is noticeably more comfortable. However, I prefer my Zeba shoes because they’re easier to get on and off, and they’re a little more comfortable to wear. Because I walk an average of 7,000 steps per day, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to compare the two.


What I see intrigues me. There are no shoes available as of this posting, and I’ve never heard of this company before. Although they’ve been working on the product since 2015, Footwear News reports that this is the first time they’re actually selling it. The fact that they’ve spent four years developing their product is reassuring because they’re trying to develop completely new technology. I can’t wait to put these sneakers to the test.

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