Brandon Williams gets life in prison for Easter 2017 murders
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A Georgia man was sentenced to spend life in prison without parole two times over for the shocking Easter Sunday 2017 strangulation murders of a 30-year-old woman and her young son at a home where she was renting a room.

Gwinnett County District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson on Tuesday announced the sentence of Brandon Craig Williams, now 38, for the 2017 murders of 30-year old Natalie Nation and 2-year-old Cole Nation.

In 2017, the Gwinnett County Police Department said that the man who owned the home on Tybee Drive in Buford, where Natalie and Cole Nation were murdered, was the one who called 911 at around 11 p.m that Easter Sunday. That homeowner, Brandon Williams’ father, told cops his son was walking towards a gas station. Cops went on to arrest Williams at that location.

Natalie Nation, Cole Nation

Natalie Nation, Cole Nation (GoFundMe images)

“According to the homeowner, the woman was renting a room at the home and the child was her son. There are no family ties between the suspect and the victims,” police said. In the hours that followed, the victims, “two beautiful souls,” were identified by name.

Prosecutors credited Williams’ father for “immediately” calling 911. At the gas station, Williams was caught on surveillance video “approaching strangers and trying to get a ride out of town,” the Gwinnett County DA’s office said.

Local ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported that days before the murders Williams, who apparently heard voices in his head, was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility after he was spotted by neighbors licking car windows. He was released from the facility, however, and on the day of the murders Williams put on a Halloween mask, talked to himself, and was recorded saying, “I already got them. I already sacrificed them,” the report said.

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