Governor's Son Admits Intoxication, Claims Lost Box of Guns

Box of Guns

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and his son.

The underage son of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt was found intoxicated in a parking lot after officers were dispatched to the scene to investigate a reported box of guns. Stitt’s son claimed the box was his, and that one of the guns belonged to the governor.

According to an incident report from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, deputies initially reported to the scene following reports of an unclaimed hard case of firearms seen lying on the ground.

After finding the case, which contained two rifles, two pistols, several magazines and ammunition, deputies say that Stitt’s 20-year-old son John approached them.

He admitted to being intoxicated and said that one of the firearms belonged to the Governor. Stitt claimed that his vehicle had been unlocked and that the case must have been removed by an unknown person.

Upon investigating John Stitt’s car, deputies say that they encountered four other occupants. According to the incident report, the occupants said that the box of firearms didn’t fit well within the crowded car, so Stitt’s son placed it in the bed of the pickup truck.

The occupants reportedly went to get food, and say they may have left the back unlocked.

When conducting an inventory of the car, deputies say that they found a 30-pack case of Natural Light and 29 unopened Naturday cans along with a box of Twisted Teas.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were called to the scene to retrieve the firearms, and deputies allowed one member of Stitt’s party who didn’t appear intoxicated to drive the truck home. Deputies followed the truck back to the town of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

No arrests were made during the incident.

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