Lori Leanne Quinn arrested for battery amid homicide
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A woman is sitting in a Florida jail for allegedly grabbing her neighbor’s face while futilely demanding sex on early Tuesday morning, but deputies are now also investigating a homicide case after they claim that same neighbor later spotted the woman lurking in his home before he discovered his girlfriend’s grandmother stabbed to death.

Lori Leanne Quinn, 49, faces a count of misdemeanor battery. Deputies have not arrested anyone, including Quinn, in the grandmother’s death. Authorities did not name Quinn as a suspect or person of interest in the homicide.

Authorities peppered the arrest affidavit with quite a few redactions, but all told, it appears the male witness claimed that Quinn, his across-the-street neighbor, had asked him for sex after asking him to come over to her home. He declined, telling her he was in a relationship and did not want sex with her.

“Lori then used both hands to grab [redacted] by his face and attempted to turn his head,” deputies wrote. “[Redacted] pulled away from Lori, told her she was a ‘f—ing weirdo,’ and left her residence.”

Lori Leanne Quinn was spotted inside a home where a woman was found stabbed to death, deputies said. (Images: Lee County Sheriff

Lori Leanne Quinn was spotted inside a home where a woman was found stabbed to death, deputies said. (Images: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

He returned to work on his boat with his girlfriend, whose name is redacted in the affidavit.

“[Redacted] stated he owns the residence, but he and [redacted] reside in a boat on the property, [redacted] grandmother, [redacted] resides in the home,” the affidavit stated.

At one point, he and his girlfriend saw Quinn riding her bicycle in the street early that morning, documents said. He heard a thump outside the boat then but found no one when he checked the area, he said, according to documents.

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