Hailey Dandurand and Stephen Brown
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A Hawaiin couple who brutally beat a mother in front of her child have learned their fate, six years after what a judge called “one of the most heinous cases to occur in Hawaii.”

O’ahu First Circuit Court Judge Rowena A. Somerville delivered life sentences with parole possibilities to Hailey Dandurand and Stephen Brown for second-degree murder Wednesday.

Dandurand received an additional life sentence for kidnapping and a 20-year term for burglary, all to be served consecutively. Brown received an extra 20 years for kidnapping and burglary, also consecutively, according to Hawaii News Now.

The victim, Telma Boinville, encountered the pair burglarizing a Pupukea vacation rental on December 7, 2017. The defendants then savagely beat her in front of her 8-year-old daughter.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Honolulu Deputy Police Chief John McCarthy said Boinville’s daughter was found tied up but otherwise physically uninjured.

Boinville, a substitute teacher, was cleaning the vacation home in an attempt to earn money to help support her daughter, according to court documents. Brown and Dandurand decided to carry out the murder instead of leaving the scene after Boinville spotted them.

They later pointed fingers at each other for the crime. However, the defendants were ordered to appear before the judge together to learn their fate.

“This is one of the most heinous cases to occur in Hawaii,” Somerville told the defendants.

“Ms. Boinville was brutally killed when she happened upon the defendants at her place of work. The defendants could have left the premises, but instead chose to beat her with multiple objects — knives, a machete, and even a meat tenderizer.”

During a victim impact statement, Boinville’s husband, Kevin Emery, asked the judge to consider declining the possibility of parole for the pair.

“They will now ask for parole, for a second chance at life. Is this a joke? I want to ask for a second chance to be a husband. Can I ask for a second chance for my wife to be a mother to her daughter? Can I ask for a second chance for Makana to have the comfort of her mother?” Emery asked.

“I demand justice. They are both a threat to society. If Stephen and Hailey walk free there will be another victim like Telma [Boinville], Makana (his and Boinville’s daughter), and myself.”

Murder Complaint Boinville by Leigh Egan

Prosecutors sought the maximum penalty for the defendants, due to the brutal violence inflicted during the murder. Court documents indicate that the pair taunted the child, then put a bag over the victim’s head before slamming a machete into her head.

“They buried a machete into my wife’s skull, put a bag over her head,” Emery said during the impact statement, adding that Brown licked “my wife’s blood off of his hands.”

Police arrested the pair after linking them to Boinville’s stolen vehicle and purse.

In addition to the life sentences, the judge ordered both defendants to pay $6,433.35 in restitution to the Crime Victim Compensation Fund.

[Feature Photo: Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand/ Honolulu PD]

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