Who is Dr Cat Pause? About Cat Pause Death, Age, Family, Job
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Massey University academic, Dr Cat Pause dies suddenly on 25th March 2022. Her death news was shared by congresswoman, MP Deborah Russell​ via her Twitter account. “I know very few details except that our darling friend died in her sleep last night. I am so very sad, and I know that many in academic and union circles will be shocked and saddened too,” Russell wrote. 

Who is Cat Pause? 

Dr Cat Pausé was a Fat Studies scholar whose research focuses on the effects of fat stigma on the health and well-being of fat individuals. Her exact birth date is missing at present. Her age was assumed to be in her mid-thirties. She was from New Zealand and her nationality was New Zealander. She has not spoken and provided details regarding her parents and siblings. About her education, she graduated with Masters of Arts from Texas Tech University in 2002. Then, she completed a Doctorate of Philosophy from Texas Tech University in 2007. She also postgraduate Diploma in Public Health from Massey University in 2017. She even won a 2016 American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Award. 

Massey University academic, Cat Pause

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Dr Cat Pause Death – Cause of Death

Dr Cat Pause’s close friend MP Dr Deborah Russell said she was told by Dr Pause’s family that she died in her sleep. Dr Pausé was “a kind and loving person and very generous-hearted”, she said. “She had a huge smile and she was very generous with her time, and just with thoughtfulness for people. She sent the most beautiful gifts to people … She was also very fond of my daughters and she’d come to the school shows to see my girls on the stage.” Through their friendship, Russell learned “the social stigma towards fat people is frightening”. Russell said Pausé “had to be resilient” in his work. “But I’m sure it shot her down from time to time, being a woman, in public, in the media, and being fat at the same time, just invites hatred. She has garnered a lot of hatred from a lot of people, and we’ve all tried to support her. , but at times it was difficult for her”.

Cat Pause Dies On 25th March 2022

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What is Cat pause do for a living? 

By profession, Dr Cat Pause was the senior lecturer at Massey University who specialized in fat studies and body stigma. Cat Pause was an academic whose research explored the impacts of “fat stigma”. She had recently been outspoken about health discrimination based on body size during the pandemic. Her work focused on the well-being of overweight people and “the effects of spoiled identities” on their health. Pause spoke to ‘Stuff’ in January 2022 about the discrimination fat people face in their everyday lives, especially in regard to healthcare. Moral panic over obesity levels perpetuates this. “Everyone has anti-fat attitudes. We find them in kids as young as three. We’re not born hating fat people, we’re not born finding fat people disgusting, or that fat people are lazy or lacking discipline or willpower” Pause said. “We learned these attitudes, we can absolutely unlearn them”. Her net worth at the time of her death was in thousands of dollars. Her main source of wealth was from her lecturer career which was her job. 

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