5-year-old makes mom a 'leaf sandwich' in hilarious TikTok

This sweet 5-year-old decided to show his appreciation for his mom by making her a sandwich—out of leaves he found outside!

LeeAnn (@leeannmarie1311) is a parent and TikToker from Wisconsin who shares sweet and funny videos of her kids. LeeAnn’s 5-year-old is extremely sweet, but he might not have a future as a chef. In a hilarious video, LeeAnn shared the sandwich her 5-year-old made for her, which consisted of crackers, cheese, and leaves he found outside!

The video begins with LeeAnn’s son handing her the sandwich. LeeAnn holds it up to inspect it, and at first it looks relatively normal. A piece of cheese and something green and leafy are visible poking out between two slices of white bread. 

“Did you make this?” LeeAnn asks her son.

“Yeah,” he replies.

“Is it good?” she asks.  

“Yeah,” he replies again, nodding enthusiastically. 

Not fully trusting her 5-year-old, LeeAnn opens the sandwich to see what’s inside. The top layer consists of a cracker. Beneath it sits a pile of leaves. And beneath the leaves is a different type of cracker, followed by a few slices of cheese.

As LeeAnn inspects the sandwich, her son begins to squeal in displeasure. “I’m just looking,” LeeAnn says, trying to placate her son.

“It’s cheese,” LeeAnn’s son says as she looks at the sandwich.

“Cheese and what else?” LeeAnn asks. 

“Cracker and leaves,” her son replies shyly.

“Leaves from outside?” LeeAnn asks incredulously. 

“Yeah,” her son says, not seeing the problem. 

“Eat it! Try it!” LeeAnn’s son says as the video ends. 

Viewers were cracking up at the sandwich fail. 

“Most resourceful episode of Chopped I’ve seen,” one viewer joked. 

“They get so frustrated when we inspect the meals and drinks they make for us,” one parent commiserated.

“My son brought me peanut butter and bologna this morning!” another parent shared.  

The sandwich might not have been appetizing, but at least the chef used local produce!

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