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A Week Away – Is It Based On A True Story?

A week away

Directed by Roman White, ‘A Week Away is a melodic dramatization film. For instance, that stars Kevin Quinn as the disturbed youngster Will Hawkins. Going through a turbulent period in his life. Until he finds companionship, love, and comfort at a summer camp. Which makes a difference and helps him turn his life around. The profound melodic numbers and religious topics. Include a sense of feel-good recognition to the film.




A week away


A Week Away: Is it a true story?

Will Hawkins going through a part of inconveniences in his life period. One fine day, he was battling, and he finds love, companionship, and some peace within the heart. He goes to a summer camp, which changes his life. Moreover, his life takes a modern turn over there. The astounding music and devout themes include great popularity in the film.

Everybody had a question that’s A Week Away is based on a true story? The reply is No. A Week Away isn’t based on a genuine story. The film features an association with reality. Certainly, through the Nashville-based camp that highlights within the film.

More About the movie

The YMCA Camp Widjiwagan gives an assortment of summer camps and offers which get the eyes of individuals. 15 cabins and 12 yurts are put within the summer camp. Certainly, so that it wouldn’t be an issue for the individuals remaining overnight. Separated from the real-world scenarios, the motion picture is filled up candidly. Moreover, resounding themes, and topics are flawlessly communicated through music.

On-screen character Kevin Quinn gave dubbing estimations in an interview with Fangirlish. Additionally passed an explanation that the film experiences the soul of the cast and characters. Making beyond any doubt that audiences distinguish themselves from the characters within the film.

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The film moreover gives us a few devout values and a few messages in conjunction with it. Certainly, watchers can have a learning involvement. All through the journey of the most characters.


The movie, “A Week Away” was already released on 26th March. It was supposed to release early but due to the worldwide pandemic, it got delayed. In conclusion, you can stream it on Netflix.


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