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Tara Reid has had a rough go of it since joining Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Season 2. While the American Pie actress gets temporarily promoted in the hit survival show’s most recent episode, things don’t get necessarily get easier for her.

When we last saw Reid — who was caught trying to smuggle cigarettes into the camp — she was called in to speak with SAS instructor Billy Billingham, where she explained why she decided to join the series.

“I get bullied a lot and I just wanted to make myself a stronger person and I thought this could help,” she said through tears. “Everyone says like, ‘She got so old looking, she looks bad. She looks like shit.’ People still judge me off when I was 18. I’m 47 now. I can’t play American Pie anymore.”

Reid continued, “I feel like sometimes I’m like a broken bird, kind of. I want to have thicker skin and not let people bother me so much.”

The focus remains on her in Episode 2, titled “Exposure,” when Billingham decides to promote the star to Duty Recruit, which puts her in charge of her co-stars. The former military operative explains that the position is usually given to the “weaker” people in the group to see “if they can step up to the plate.” But before he tells her about the new role, he delivers one of his more brutal insults.

“You are still looking like an unadulterated bag of crap!” he yells as she scurries out of the barracks. “You, are now the Duty Recruit. Your responsibility [is] to make sure everybody is ready to go on time. I want everybody on that square at 0700 hours.”

Tara Reid
Photo: Fox

As if that isn’t bad enough, Reid even becomes a punching bag for her fellow recruits as Savannah Chrisley says she doesn’t understand her “half the time,” and another pokes fun at her for “mumbling around.” Plus, when she offers help during the group’s first task — which involves submerging in freezing water and reciting mnemonics — they yell at her to get out.

“People want to underestimate me all the time. They say, ‘She’s messed up,’ or, ‘She’s weak.’ And I’m not. I’m stronger than people think,” Reid says in her confessional, before failing the task herself.

However, the star’s mindset takes a quick turn when they are required to carry heavy backpacks. 

“Can I get through the selection without running? How far will I go?” she adds. “The challenge is about me and my demons. There’s still a real rawness inside me that I need to break free and not be scared. But if you cut me, I bleed. I’m still human.”

Before going to the next obstacle, Reid decides to hand over her armband and call it quits once and for all, making her the first person to go home in Season 2. Later on in the episode, Blac Chyna and Dez Bryant become the second and third to bid farewell to their training.

“I have to say something,” Reid tells the staff. “The bag is so heavy. I can’t do it. My back’s killing me. It should be per weight per person. It’s not fair and I’m really in pain and it’s like, no one cares. This thing is a monster on my back. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

As much as I would’ve liked to see her pull through and win, I give her kudos for trying!

Special Forces airs Monday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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