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The Bachelor in Paradise beach is officially closed for business after another season of hookups, relationships, and proposals came to an end.

The three-hour Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale surprised Bachelor Nation by airing a romantic Paradise wedding, showing two emotional proposals, and ditching its live After The Final Rose component in favor of a more sensical, concise “Where Are They Now” montage that checked in with fan-favorite couples and contestants.

After five people fled the beach in Season 9’s penultimate episode, will anyone will find lasting love? Decider’s Episode 10 recap has the answers. Curious who got engaged in Bachelor in Paradise‘s Season 9 finale? Who broke up? Who got married? And who’s still together? Here’s everything you need to know from the big finale event.

Are Tanner And Jess Still Together?

First things first: What happened with the remaining Paradise singles in the Season 9 finale? After longtime Paradise couple Blake and Jess ended things ahead of the finale, Blake self-eliminated and Jess stayed on the beach in hopes of getting to know Tanner. The two were seen having speedy small talk in the finale, but ultimately Jess told him she hadn’t been herself since Blake left and didn’t think it was fair to try to start a relationship. She self-eliminated, and Tanner followed.

Jess and Mercedes hugging on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Are Mercedes And Jordan Still Together?

That left the only other uncoupled contestants: Mercedes and Jordan. After longtime Paradise couple Mercedes and Tyler called things off and he self-eliminated ahead of the finale, Mercedes tried to find a spark with Rachel Recchia’s ex Jordan. Once Jess and Tanner bounced, Mercedes told Jordan she didn’t think anything was “romantically there” between them, and the two also self-eliminated.

The Final Paradise Season 9 Dates

The least expected relationship on the beach, Kat and John Henry, was going strong at the top of the finale and things only strengthened on their final date. The two went paddle boarding and had deep heart-to-hearts on feelings for each other and struggles they’ve experienced in life. Despite Kat’s “tough shell” she told John Henry she experienced adversity and was set on changing her “generational trauma.” She shared that her dad had four wives, she moved out of her house at 17, lived in a group home, and didn’t speak to her family for a while. John Henry opened up about dealing with depression for seven years.

Meanwhile, Paradise‘s “strongest couple” Aaron B. and Eliza met a Shaman for a Fire Ceremony and sweat lodge date, where they removed their clothes and bared their souls, sharing relationship fears and hopes for the future. The two said they were falling in love with each other, but were they ready for an engagement? We’ll get to that in a second.

Aaron B and Eliza on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Trouble In Paradise For Kylee And Aven

In a finale twist, one of Season 9’s most solid couples found trouble in paradise when engagement talk came up. Kylee was 100% ready to get engaged to Aven, and though Aven was sure he wanted to leave Paradise with her, he couldn’t say the same. Kylee decided to stand her ground in regards to a proposal, and Aven assured her his mind wasn’t changing, then left Kylee crying and went to bed. The two were on different pages, but they put their differences aside for a Paradise wedding.

Who Gets Married On Bachelor in Paradise?

Midway through the finale, Bachelor in Paradise alums Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin returned to the beach to get hitched. For those who don’t know, the couple met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 two years ago and got engaged on the beach. So what better place to say “I do” than the scene of the meet-cute? (Well, perhaps Puerto Rico, where People reports the two also tied the knot in November 2023. But Paradise is still special!)

Mari and Kenny exchanging rings on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

As Jesse Palmer lived out his dream job (wedding officiator), Blake Moynes returned as Kenny’s best man, and the two exchanged vows and rings as everyone around them sweated profusely in the burning Paradise sun. “Two years ago, Mari and Kenny arrived as strangers in Paradise. Mari arrived with an open heart, and Kenny arrived completely naked,” Jesse said. “Your time here on the beach was certainly full of its ups and downs, but ultimately after cleansing their energies, these two found a best friend and a co-parent for Monster and Dice, their beautiful dogs. They found someone who saw the best in them and not only accepted them for their flaws, but also loved them for it, and I think most importantly they found someone who refused to give up on them.”

After the wedding, everyone got into their best neon/mesh/sheer/glitter/glowing attire for a “rave reception party,” a final hoorah before the big decisions. The following day, Jesse told everyone to choose Fantasy Suites/a potential engagement or goodbyes. Here’s how that went:

Do Peter And Sam Get Engaged Or Break Up?

Pilot Peter was ready to go all in on Sam from Australia, but after he expressed a desire to move on to Fantasy Suites she said it “didn’t feel right to continue” the relationship and the two left the beach separately.

Peter and Sam on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Do Michael And Olivia Get Engaged Or Break Up?

Similarly, Olivia was ready to go all in on Michael. But after she poured her heart out he said he was “a realist” who didn’t want to give her any false hope and felt their lives were in very different places. They also left the beach separately.

Olivia and Michael on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Do Kylee And Aven Get Engaged On Bachelor in Paradise?

Kyle and Aven had a rough go on proposal day with contestants initially unwilling to compromise. When Aven asked, “If we don’t get engaged, are we done?” Kylee said, “I think at the end of the day I can’t see myself walking away from you” and agreed to leave the beach with Aven without a ring on her finger. “We’re gonna be fine,” he assured her. “We will get to that point very soon.” Read on to see if the two are still together.

Aven and Kylee on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Do Aaron And Eliza Get Engaged?

Aaron and Eliza moved on to overnight dates and said “I love you” ahead of proposal day, but as Eliza was walking up to the platform she was nervous, hesitant, and feeling weird that her family didn’t know what was happening. When she reached Aaron, he told her he spoke to her mom for 15 minutes on the phone, which meant the world to her. Wearing his famous pink slippers, he (once again) proudly recited her favorite Paradise breakfast food, said her full name, and proposed. She accepted a giant Neil Lane ring and said, “It’s giving FIANCÉ!” But has their love survived since? Read on to find out.

Aaron B and Eliza kissing on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Do Kat and John Henry Get Engaged?

After their Fantasy Suite date, John Henry admitted his gut was telling him it was too soon to propose, but when Kat arrived on the platform, he told her he decided to follow his heart for once and popped the question. Against all Bachelor Nation predictions, Kat and John Henry got engaged, and they might be the happiest couple to emerge from Season 9…

Kat and John Henry kissing on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Where Is The Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Cast Now?

Season 9’s “where are they now” montage revealed key updates, including the fact that Olivia is still looking for someone to suck her toes, Blake plans to return as the Golden Bachelor, Jess and Mercedes are single, and “Aaron S. and Brayden almost died when their boat sank off the coast of San Diego, leaving them treading water until rescue arrived.” OH!

The most unexpected update was that Brayden is now dating Christina Mandrell, a single mom and early frontrunner on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor. Per the montage, “Brayden is teaching Christina’s daughter how to accessorize.” Aww!

Are Kylee And Aven Still Together?

Yep! Per Bachelor in Paradise, “Kylee’s patience paid off, and she and Aven have blossomed as a couple. It’s nothing but 🔥 emoji from here on out.”

Are Aaron And Eliza Still Together?

In a twist, Paradise told viewers that “Aaron and Eliza’s engagement has hit some speed bumps since they left the beach. They are actively working on their relationship and trying to figure things out.”

Are Kat And John Henry Still Together?

And in one of Paradise‘s biggest surprises ever, “Kat and John Henry remain happily engaged. They are moving to San Diego and planning a happy life together.”

Which Bachelor in Paradise Couples Are Still Together?

Speaking of happy lives…Paradise gave updates on more fan-favorite Bachelor Nation alum who got engaged, married, or pregnant in 2023.

  • Serena & Joe – Married September 2, 2023
  • Dean & Caetlynn – Married September 23, 2023
  • Hannah & Dylan – Married August 23, 2023
  • Abigail & Noah – Engaged August 8, 2023
  • Astrid & Kevin’s second child, Nash, Born October 7, 2023
  • Ashley & Jared/Jade & Tanner Are Thriving With Kids
  • Raven & Adam’s second child, Max, born July 23, 2023
  • And Jesse Palmer was eating for two all summer…and is due to become a dad early next year.

So there you have it, folks. Paradise may feel like a mess for a majority of the season, but happy endings DO happen because of this beach. Until next time!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 is now streaming on Hulu.

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