BR Paradox creates custom gaming computers for celebs like The Weeknd and James Harden

Building your own PC is a great way to take your gaming rig to the next level, but the task can often feel overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, building your own gaming PC isn’t as hard as it seems! In this episode of Game On, host DJ Steph sits down with CEO and founder of Paradox Customs (@brparadox) Arpit Manaktala, a DIY PC wizard who has built custom computers for celebrities like The Weeknd and James Harden, to discuss the essential gear needed for the perfect PC setup. 

The first step in anyone’s PC build, according to Arpit, is watching instructional videos on how to start the project. Once you have the general idea of the process, it’s time to think about the materials and gear you’ll need. “The main components that are necessary are the processor, the motherboard, the RAM, the storage, the graphics card, the case, and the power supply,” says Arpit. 

In addition to the essential components, Arpit also brought some of his favorite add-ons that’ll take any PC build to new heights. Like a GoXLR interface from TC Helicon that’s ideal for streamers who want to have optimal audio quality. The interface allows streamers to simultaneously plug in their microphone to speak and their PC to hear, giving them an all-in-one gadget that’ll be any streamer’s best friend. 

Arpit also suggests rolling with a top-level headset, like the ones made by Astro Gaming. “Astro Gaming, in my opinion, they make the best headsets,” says Arpit. “They have been around since the beginning of esports.” Arpit proudly shows off a custom Astro headset featuring the Paradox logo, and explains that anyone can design their own pair. 

The PC builder then moves on to graphics cards, highlighting the RTX 3090 graphics card from NVIDIA, which Arpit says is the “highest end graphics card you can get.” The powerful card will allow your PC to tackle any resolution, giving you high-level performance every time you fire it up. 

Even the best PC build won’t do you much good without the right controller, and Arpit loves the all-black PS5 controller from Battle Beaver, which has buttons in the back instead of paddles, giving players optimal speed when playing, as well as the highly popular SCUF Impact Controller, which is known for its unique design and shape. 

For processors, Arpit recommends the Intel i9-12900K, which Arpit says is “the highest end processor out right now.” The mainstream 16-core processor is the first of its kind from Intel, and it’s sure to provide the highest possible performance for any PC rig. 

Finally, Arpit shows off an eye-catching PC which he considers to be a “top-of-the-line build.” Featuring an arsenal of top shelf components, like the 3090 graphics card as well as high speed RAM, the custom build performs just as good as it looks. 

As Steph puts it, “building your own PC is truly an art, and can give you an unparalleled gaming experience.” With the right gear and gadgets, you can build your own masterpiece and embrace gaming in its purest form. 

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