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Bullying is a problem not only in our country, but worldwide. Children are bullied for a variety of reasons such as skin color, height, weight, hair, etc. However, Chris Paul‘s daughter is being bullied for somewhat of a unique reason. The NBA star says that his daughter is being bullied for his lack of wins.

On an episode of The Pivot Podcast, the 38-year-old Phoenix Suns basketball player told hosts Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark how ten-year-old Camryn has been bullied at school because he has yet to win a championship. 

“She had a little boy at school that said some reckless stuff to her,” says Paul. “He was like, ‘Your daddy ain’t never gonna win no championship.’”

Although Paul said that his daughter put on a brave face at school, the comment did affect her and that she was definitely upset about it when she called her father to tell him about her encounter. Paul gave his daughter some very sound advice.

“She was upset,” he said in the interview. “I had to have that conversation with her and talk to her and tell her like, ‘Baby, some people talk and some people do.’ “

In addition to Camryn, the 6’0″ point guard also shares 14-year-old son, Chris Jr., with his wife of 12 years, Jada Paul. Paul credits his own father for inspiring his parenting style.

“The only person’s approval that I still really, really care about to this day is my dad,” he said in an interview with People Magazine. In the interview, Paul stated that his father taught him to give his family, especially his children, “the most amount of love that you could show.”

Wanting to share not only his father’s wisdom, but his grandfather’s as well, in 2022, Paul penned and released his second children’s book, Basketball Dreams.

According to the Macmillan Publishers website, Basketball Dreams is an inspirational and uplifting picture book about chasing your basketball dreams and the lessons he [Paul] learned both on and off the court from his beloved grandfather Papa Chilly.

On his last season with the Phoenix Suns, even if he doesn’t score a championship win, it definitely looks like Paul’s already brought home the grand prize for parenting.


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Chris Paul Instagram; Camryn Paul Instagram

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