Holly Madison Speaks Out About Her Autism Diagnosis
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Like many people on the autism spectrum, Holly often finds it difficult to be flexible about the way she perceives others.

“She said I have a hard time understanding why other people might think differently,” Holly said about her doctor, “or do things differently than me.”

However, despite this challenge, the former reality star has learned to navigate social situations that may come more easily to her neurotypical peers. Step one: Make eye contact more often.

“I was never making eye contact before at all,” she said. “I can apologize to people if I interrupt or talk over them and tell them why.”

Holly said that this “helps other people be more understanding” with her and not take her behavior personally. And that goes both ways.

“I have a little bit more patience now,” she said, “and I don’t take things as personally.”

Look back at the lives of the Girls Next Door stars, then and now:

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