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A Nigerian lady who permitted her friend to sleep over at her house has opened up about her experience with the girl.

In her tweet, she revealed that her friend stayed with her due to some issues with her own place.

However, during the night, the lady identified as @Jost_Jefa was startled by a strange noise that she initially mistook for a motorcycle outside her room.

To her astonishment, she soon discovered that the source of the noise was her friend’s snoring.

The woman’s tweet described how the loud snoring of her friend resembled the noise of a motorcycle engine. According to her, the unexpected similarity left her both surprised and amused.

She wrote: “Over a month ago, a friend came to stay with me cos she had some issues with her place, while sleeping I heard a weird noise which I legit thought was a bike outside my room. To my greatest shock,my friend was the bike.”

The young woman’s tweet quickly gained traction on Twitter, with many users relating to her experience.

See the tweet below:

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