‘I knew I wasn’t crazy’

TikTokers are having massive and sometimes even existential realizations — and they’re expressing them through a penguin CapCut template. 

The template is called “Noot Noot” and starts with a cartoon penguin saying, “Noot Noot,” which indicates a carefree attitude. However, then the template zooms in on the penguin’s face as the drawing of the animal becomes bleak and dark. All of this happens with somber classical music in the background. 

With these factors wrapped into one template, users show how they can flip the switch from happy and optimistic to pessimistic and existentially dreadful. 

The meme currently has over 169,000 uses, with TikTokers getting creative with it. Some have had realizations about bigger conversations, while others have their moment triggered by a simple phrase. 

“‘Yay, more latino actors like Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac and Tenoch Huerta are getting attention and artistic opportunities!!’ wrote @bauhausblasts in the first part of the post. “*blatant fetishization of brown men aka the latin lover stereotype making up a significant portion of their fanbase.” 

That realization wasn’t just had by @bauhausblasts.

“i knew i wasn’t crazy for thinking some of the pedro thirst was getting a lil weird,” said @damianwrobin.

The template has been widely popular among the medical community. TikTokers in that field are taking the opportunity to share the times when things have gone horribly wrong on the job. 

“Pedestrian: ‘Hey EMS, he has serious burns all over, so I peeled his clothes off for you’” wrote @rantybarista. 

“The gasp I just gusped,” said @mamajennrn.

Some people don’t have hard-to-stomach stories like the paramedics but, rather, quick moments that ruin their day.

“Me: ‘I’m going to have a good day at work today,’” wrote @luz.anchez in the first part of their video. Then, everything changes in the second half of the video. “Coworker: ‘Good morning,’”

All over TikTok, users are having scary epiphanies. Luckily, a cute drawing of a penguin can soften the blow. 

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